take care of your skin in winter
how to take care of your skin in winter

How to take care of your skin in winter?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday January 5th, 2015
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In winter our skin suffers: contrasts of temperaturte, heating, frosts, snow, etc. produce dehydration, sensibility, aging, tightness, etc. You must take care of your skin in winter as you do in summer, so it is very important that you can prepare it correctly for this season of the year.

10 tips to take care of your skin in winter:

1) Avoid and attack the dehydration caused by cold: choose a good cream with moisturising  components. The cream should also have components with occlusive effect, which are used as a barrier to avoid the water evaporation across the skin.

take care of your skin in winter

how to take care of your skin in winter

2) Smooth the superficial wrinkles: use cosmetics that contain vitamin C.

3) Use sunscreen: don’t  forget that you also receive the sun while you make daily activities, even in winter, so you must use sunscreen every day. The protection must be higher if you practice winter sports.

4) Add nutritional complements as antioxidant vitamins from groups A, B, C and E, that improve the appearance although they don’t revert aging.

5) Drink water, since it reinforces the skin structure and keeps it elastic and hydrated.

6) Reduce alcohol ingestion and tobacco consumption, because together with the cold, they produce rednesses, torn capillaries and dehydration.

7) Avoid, as possible, the sudden changes of temperature happened from going from the heating to outdoors. This increases the possibility of appearance of dilated vessels and torn capillaries.

8) If you have sun spots, use some special depigmentation treatment or what your dermatologist indicates.

9) Don’t forget a careful cleanliness, in the morning and in the night, choose a soft cleaner, which doesn’t increase the daily aggression that cold causes.

take care of your skin in winter

how to take care of your skin in winter

10) Remember that winter is the best moment to do a rejuvenation or cellular regeneration treatment, like peeling, Indhiba or Physia.

In SHA Wellness Clinic we have different treatments to protect ourselves from the possible climatological aggressions as the treatments of hydration and regeneration.  If you can also complete them with a good facial massage you will improve your blood irrigation and the micro circulation. Don’t forget it, you must take care to be able to enjoy an incredible skin also during winter!


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