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Capillary Transplant at SHA Wellness Clinic

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday May 6th, 2015
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What is a capillary transplant? 

The aim of SHA is always to offer to guests and patients the most advanced services and treatments with the most avant-garde techniques, the most qualified professionals and an unifying approach.

SHA has set up the SHA CAPILLARY CARE UNIT, together with the prestigious dermatologist Jose María Ricart, to provide comprehensive care for all kinds of hair problems.

What do we do?

Our concept begins with the analysis and the examination of the factors that can lead to the deterioration of hair and the loss of such.

We analyse all the possible factors related to hair damage: diet, stress, diseases, hereditary conditions, hormone problems, to carry out a personalized analysis and diagnosis for each specific case.


The FUE Technique 

The hair transplant by means of the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction or “individual extraction of follicles”) is a systematic and artistic redistribution of the hair follicles, which involves inserting small grafts of the scalp that contain the so-called “follicular units”. These grafts are obtained under local anesthesia from the donor site, namely the back and/or side area of the scalp and they are then implanted into the recipient site by means of making micro incisions, according to the design previously agreed upon with the patient. Having obtained the grafts from the back and side areas of the head, which have the hormone receptors that are not affected by the enzymatic hyperactivity,  once grafted into other areas they do not fall out and they continue to grow normally.


Who are candidates for a Capillary Trasplant?

People with healthy hair and want to take preventive measures to keep their hair in optimum condition.

– People who started hair loss processes or deterioration of the quality of it and want to reverse that situation.

– People with alopecia or capillary problems.


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