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Breathing exercises to control your mind

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday February 26th, 2015
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Control you mind through breathing

Close your eyes and don’t let frenetic thoughts and senses in. Seat down quietly, with your spine straight. Start cutting the invisible cords that bind you to this heavy body by concentrating on your breathing slowly, free yourself of your burden and feel the infinite in your conscience. Neither space nor time are already present in this state; stillness and joy fill every space.

 Tips for breathing:

There’s a direct connection between concentration and breathing. Every great Master would recommend making breathing exercises first to calm the mind.

  1. You will notice, especially after a stressing and hectic day, that your breathing is troubled and your heart beats quickly.
  2. Breathing cannot be forced at all, as willpower shouldn’t intervene. You should let breathing rhythm acquires its natural rate as time goes by.
  3. With your eyes closed and the glance turned to the frown, observe the entrance and expulsion of air, observe how the air goes in and out of your lungs through the nostrils, with no prejudices, be just a silent observer.
  4. When this vital force or life energy expressed on the air starts leaving the senses, those will calm down and distractions start disappearing.
  5. When breathing is slower we can use a two words Mantra like JE and SUS. Pronounce JE when the air comes in and SUS when the air goes out. You must pronounce them mentally and in silence.


The aim of this breathing exercises’ practice is to divert attention and awareness of what one is not, until we return to the essence of our being. It is in our inner life where we will find the harmony, stillness and peace that we can’t find outside.

I really hope these short indications may be useful for you and wish you will soon find what you have been searching for a while.

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