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Improve your memory with Brain Gym

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday January 25th, 2016
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Brain Gym is a mix of activities designed to improve mental abilities such as concentration, reading comprehension and memory. These techniques create a better connection between our brain and body while they help reducing emotional and mental stress.


As Doctor Bruno Ribeiro suggests, who is in charge of the cognitive development unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, the activities that may help us in our brain training are: learning a new language, dancing, learning to play a new instrument and the new app called ‘Lumosity’. Let’s analyse their benefits!


brain gym

Learning a new language

Among the multiple benefits related to improving our self-confidence, enrich our knowledge and being able to travel around the world without communicative problems, it is proved that learning a new language has great benefits for our mental health as it may help enhancing our cognitive abilities and mental alertness. It may also help delaying Alzheimer’s disease.



Dancing stimulates our brain in many different ways. By learning dance steps, following a pattern and repeating it over and over again we improve our learning abilities, our memory and our ability to perform different tasks at the same time. Moreover, dancing helps us reduce stress levels and ameliorate our sense of wellness and our self-esteem.


Learning to play a new instrument

Various scientific investigations have proved that learning how to play a new instrument has several benefits for our mental health. Not only helps us to calm our anxiety and improve our self-control, but also benefits our memory and our organization and planning skills. What’s more, it enhances our communication abilities, social relationships and bonds.



‘Lumosity’ is a new app created by a complete scientific team from more than 40 universities around the world with the objective of developing brain training exercises. By performing these we train our memory, attention and problem resolution abilities among others.


Now that you know how to train your brain… what are you waiting for?


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