Boxeo: El Deporte de Moda

Boxing: The Trendiest Workout!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday February 28th, 2017

Boxing is one of the trendiest workouts at the moment, both for women and men! It used to be a sport mainly practiced by men, but nowadays, more and more women are getting into it. Perhaps all those Victoria Secret models made it popular and incentivised women to get out of their comfort zone and practice more intense workouts. Either way, it’s great to see this sport becoming such a hit! Many gyms offer boxing classes and the truth is, they’re probably one of the most popular classes at the moment!

So why is boxing such a great workout?

  • It’s a full body workout. It works every single part of your body!
  • It combines intensive cardio with muscle toning.
  • It’s great to tone the arms, the core, the glutes and the legs.
  • You release a lot of tension and adrenaline. Great to punch when you’ve had a stressful day!
  • As it requires technique, you aim to improve every time. This creates a bond with boxing and makes you want to get better at it!
  • It’s fun! There’s nothing better than having fun whilst you exercise. Boxing gets the playful kid out of you! You get to ‘play’ with others, which makes it much more dynamic and entertaining.


Where can you box?

  • More and more gyms are including boxing classes in their schedule. Have a look at the timetable and if they include boxing classes, try it out!
  • You can also go to specialised gyms that only offer boxing classes.Research what there is on offer in the city you live in and ask to do a trial class to see if you like it! 


If you haven’t tried boxing already, you should definitely try this full-body workout! It’ll tone you up, whilst also working your cardiovascular system. You’ll feel really energised and full of endorphins afterwards!





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