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Tuesday August 4th, 2015
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 What’s the Bioenergetics Unit?

Bioenergy is a bridge between medicines because it’s based in the knowledge of the oriental medicine using the technology and tools of the western medicine to work in the magnetic field.


At SHA we always try to offer our guests the most advanced treatments with the latest technologies and most qualified professionals. That’s the reason why we have developed the Bioenergetics Unit along with Dr. Ana María Oliva, to prevent and provide solutions in case of imbalances.


What is Bioenergetics good for?

Bioenergetics Unit has two functions:

  • Preventive – The key in this methodology is to detect the current status of the person, helping to see the imbalances in the energy field before they manifest.
  • Reconstructing – It allows to look for the causes of a disease being more effective when seeking solutions.


What is analyzed in Bioenergetics?

The main key points to consider are the following:

  • Overall state of the person, physical and emotional.
  • Analysis of the state of the different parts of the body and the interaction between them.
  • The study of the causes of imbalances (internal, external, physical and emotional).
  • The most suitable treatment to minimize possible side effects.


bioenergetic unit



  • Evaluation – First step is an evaluation and assessment of the health status of the person by using technologies.
  • Technologies – They allow to interact with the status of the body providing valuable information to understand the physical and emotional functioning of the person. They get the information immediately in a noninvasive and effective way.
  • Treatment – Afterwards a treatment is recommended:  based on a combination of supplements and homeopatic compositions with the use of simple machines that work the electromagnetic field.

It’s recommended to complement a Bioenergetics treatment with other therapies as reiki, mindfulness, acupuncture, osteopathy, etc.


Who can benefit from Bioenergetics?

  • Anyone who wants to know his/her health state and prevent possible imbalances.
  • People with chronic problems that have not improved yet.
  • Those who are going to carry out a slimming,  anti-tobacco,  detoxifying and anti-stress treatments.



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