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Tuesday May 11th, 2021
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How can dermo-aesthetic medicine contribute to better health?

It’s not just about looking more attractive. Today, dermo-aesthetic medicine has proved to be a source of health through its benefits for our well-being. It is about feeling better, feeling healthier. “When we look at a person, we look at them as doctors. We look at what we can do for their life”, says Bárbara Dalbos, an expert in Aesthetic Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Physical appearance has become an important part of achieving the perfect balance between body and mind. Feeling good about yourself gives you an extraordinary sense of self-esteem and boosts your confidence.

In recent years, precisely because of its proven health benefits, people who have been treated not only want to be healthy, but also want to enjoy life to the fullest. They want to stay fit and minimise the effects of natural ageing.

The aim is to offer minimally invasive treatments that can significantly rejuvenate physical appearance. And behind that is another possibly more ambitious goal. “To delay the signs of ageing by enhancing the body’s natural beauty, to be part of a perfect healthy ageing plan”, according to Bárbara Dalbos.


In search of well-being at all levels: physical, psychological and social

“Dermo-aesthetic medicine involves providing physical, psychological and social well-being”, says Bárbara Dalbos. It is a field of action at all levels.

Physical well-being is achieved in many ways. One of the most obvious, for example, is when the skin becomes firmer from the benefits of collagen, preventing and mitigating the symptoms of osteoporosis, toning the joints, controlling blood pressure and even preventing the onset of gastric ulcers.

Meanwhile, numerous studies have shown that a healthy physical appearance and the perception of attractiveness reinforce our self-esteem and give us confidence. And conversely: a neglected physical appearance indicates symptoms of depression and neglect.

“Appearance reflects how you feel inside. You harmonise the way you are. It can even change the way you feel”, warns Bárbara Dalbos.

On the other hand, contrary to the stereotype developed in recent decades, dermo-aesthetic medicine does not discriminate between genders. According to the most recent statistics, 35 percent of patients at medical-aesthetic centres are now men. This figure is even more significant if we take into account that it represents an increase of 20 percent compared to five years ago.

“The increasingly common profile we find at SHA is that of a 50-year-old male who wants to improve his appearance in order to feel better at all levels and is aware of the effectiveness and safety of the treatments”, emphasises Bárbara Dalbos.


SHA Wellness Clinic and its methodology

In line with a field in constant development, the most avant-garde dermo-aesthetic medicine relies on fast, non-invasive procedures with minimal downtime and hardly any risks.

The SHA Wellness Clinic Dermo-Aesthetic Unit combines manual techniques developed by renowned specialists with cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques.

The methodology starts with an initial medical assessment based on a meticulous and personalised evaluation of the patient.

Once the treatment has been started, the aim is for the patient to immediately return to their normal activity regardless of the area of intervention, whether it be flaccidity, localised fat, lesions or unwanted hair.


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