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Tuesday May 5th, 2015
Healthy nutrition

Due to the decrease of the quality of the food we consume nowadays and facing an unbalanced diet with a lack of fruits and vegetables in our meals, the term “superfoods” has become a trending topic. We refer to these “new” foods with incredible properties for our health. There are many celebrities who already eat them, since it’s well known that incorporating them into a balanced diet is beneficial both physically and emotionally. But, which ones are the best and what properties do they have?

Have a look to these superfoods and choose which one suits you best!


Andean Maca


It’s a tuber from Peru and Bolivia. It has radish shape and although it’s a food that has been grown in the Andes for more than 2.500 years, it’s relatively new in Europe.


– Rich in nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamins C, B and E.

– Helps stressful situations, offering support to the adrenal glands.

– Regulates and enhances the endocrine system functions.

– Delays the aging process.

Analgesic, thanks to the terpenoids and saponins that relieve pain.

– Relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause.

– Improving the quality of sleep.

– Increases memory and brain function.


It can be prepared baked, roasted, mashed dry as a flour or in pills from the herbalist’s shop.




Known as the “mushroom of immortality” in Asia, it’s one of the most used fungus in Chinese medicine and recently very popular in the West because of its anticancer power.


– Natural anti-allergenic.

– Rich in minerals such as germanium, calcium and vitamins B, C and D.

– Strengthens the immune system, which is used in cancer treatment.

– Excellent antiviral.

– Helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative neural diseases.


In pills from the herbalist’s shop.




Chia seeds were a common food from the Mayan and Aztec civilizations as they provide numerous benefits. They contain more calcium, antioxidants, iron, fiber, protein and potassium that many of the foods we commonly consume.


– Provide satiety.

– Source of omega-3.

– Protects from harmful environmental effects such as pollution, smoke snuff or UVA rays.

– Generate an extra supply of energy.

– Helps to lose weight, thanks to its satiating power and the amount of fiber they provide.

Anti-inflammatory properties.



Add the seeds for breakfast, to drink or use them as a substitute for other additives.




It’s a seaweed with a “difficult” flavor, but it’s high in nutrients, reason why it’s worthwhile to include this superfood in our daily diet. It is rich in protein and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


Anti-aging as it contains antioxidants like beta-carotene, iron and vitamin E, B12, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

– Provides essential fatty acids that are not found in meat, eggs or dairy.

– It’s effective in cases of anemia. It helps restore energy and fitness.

– It helps detoxify the body and is a powerful regenerator of intestinal flora.


It’s commonly consumed in pills from the herbalist’s shop, but it also can be consumed adding it to shakes.




It’s the fruit of the Baobab tree. For centuries it has been used in many African countries as an energy drink because it’s rich in fiber, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. When the fruit falls from the tree is open and it’s dehydrated pulp is used as powder in smoothies, ice cream or candy.


– High in fiber.

– It has three times more calcium than milk.

– Three times more antioxidants than blueberries.

– More vitamin C than oranges.

– Minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium.

– Helps absorbing iron and calcium in the body.

– Cares intestinal flora.

– Combats premature aging of cells.


1 to 2 daily tablespoons mixed in smoothies, or with fruits.


Kale Cabbage

kale cabagge


Kale Cabbage, also known as Kale, is well known in Europe due to its wealth of vitamins and minerals, which has become the queen vegetable superfoods.


– It contains more calcium than milk, more iron than meat and vitamins C, K and A.

Anticancer and detoxifying properties.

– Activates the immune system.

– Good for vision, skin, and prevention of cancer.

– It helps in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Alkaline, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Low in calories and high in fiber.


In salads, stews, baked, dried or smoothies.




Hemp seeds are a highly nutritious food source. They have a similar flavour to the walnut, so they are used in many food preparations such as bread, cookies and cakes.


Anthelminthic, as it helps to destroy parasites such as worms.


Antiseptic, it’s prevents the growth of bacteria.

– Corrects menstrual irregularities.

Anti-atherosclerotic, as it helps break old problems with blood flow.

Emollient, as it softens and nourishes the intestinal membranes.


– Helps against constipation.

Hypotensive, is useful in reducing blood pressure.

– Helps the associated excessive sweating.


They can be eaten cooked, as flour, or oil. You can find them in natural stores.

You can now add these superfoods to your shopping list… We will post the second part soon with this complete list of beneficial foods for the health.


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