Best skin care foods
Best skin care foods

Best skin care foods

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Tuesday April 29th, 2014
Healthy nutrition
Best foods for skin

To have a perfect skin and bright face, besides being a matter of genetics, depends on many other factors. Factors such as stress, lack of sleep or pollution are beyond our control, so by following a daily routine of skin care in combination with a healthy skin diet we can fight the problems that arise in our skin.
Having a beautiful , bright and smooth skin is not easy, however, good habits help us to reduce premature aging, acne and other skin problems. Food is essential for glowing skin and a perfect face, and that is the main reason for the quote “we are what we eat
The idea is, at the end of the day, to reach the perfect balance between external and internal care, and follow a set of guidelines that really work.

Healthy skin dietFoods for healthy skin and vitamis for skin

  • Citrus: The skin needs vitamin C and antioxidants to protect itself against external agents and prevent premature aging. Citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons due to the high content in vitamin C help cell renewal.
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  • The beta-carotene: its high content of Vitamin A, produce an antioxidant effect in our body. Within this group are: carrotspumpkin and green leafy vegetables such as spinach or lettuce.
  • Apple or apricot are healthy foods for our skin as they are antioxidant.
  • Raspberries and bananas : fruit in general is a great partner for our skin. Raspberries for example thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E, bring light to the face. Banana is also beneficial for our skin because it contains Zinc, highly antioxidant element that promotes cell renewal and contributing to the skin tone. 

  • Almonds: like other nuts, such as walnuts or pistachios reduce cellular oxidation due to its high content ofvitamin E. In addition to the fatty acids they provide flexibility and prevent stains on the skin and aging. 

Food for healthy skin

  • Water : essential for skin health. Two liters of water a day are needed to moisturize the skin and also helps toeliminate toxins.
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