Berberine, a supplement against diabetes

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Monday February 1st, 2016
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Berberine is a bioactive component which is extracted from several plants as Berberis Vulgaris.  Not well known in Europe, it has been used for centuries in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. Many of its partisans say that it is the most powerful natural supplement that we know so far. And it is true that berberine has a lot of incredible benefits for our health.


A multitude of benefits

This substance has immunostimulant, antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties so its regular consumption can bring us numerous benefits. Among others, we can point out:

  • immunity stimulation
  • destruction of fungal parasites
  • deceleration of prostate cancer progression
  • diminution of risks of heart and arteries diseases
  • weight loss
  • lowering cholesterol differently than with statins


A help for diabetes patients

The most important thing is that berberine can improve the life of millions of people around the world who suffer diabetes. This disease is characterized by high levels of sugar in blood which provoke different health problems. Several studies show that berberine is a very good dietary supplement to fight diabetes since it favors:

  • the reduction of glucose production in liver
  • the improvement of insulin sensitivity
  • the stimulation of blood glucose absorption by cells
  • the diminution of sugar rate in blood


With all these benefits, we can say that berberine is a real weapon to fight diabetes.


Even though, it has so many properties and benefits, berberine is still not very popular. It is not easy to find it in supermarkets or supplements shops for the moment. In SHA, we offer you a large range of dietary supplements. One of them is the product Berberina Gold, a supplement with a unique formula obtained thanks to the experience and knowledge of our medical and scientific experts.

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