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Monday June 8th, 2015
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Balance, strength, flexibility, confidence, energy. These are some of the many benefits of yoga  for the health. That’s why nowadays there are more and more people who incorporate it into their lifes, and while it seems to be popular in recent years, this discipline has actually been practiced in India since ancient times.

Yoga is much more than a physical exercise because it also involves our mental and spiritual state. It’s a method for well-being and the development of the consciousness. It helps control stress levels and cholesterol,  rest better, have more flexibility, it activates the proper functioning of the organs and provides an expansion in all areas of human life.

Here are the different benefits of yoga. After reading them you will want to start practicing it immediatelyg!


Physical Benefits


  • Flexibility: The different postures of yoga increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and joint mobility.


  • Reduce Pain: Yoga helps reduce pain, fatigue and depression.


  • Antiaging: It extends cell activity which means it can fight aging. It’s a guarantee to prevent falls related with aging because it improves flexibility, balance and strength.


  • Energy: Due to the deep relaxation that yoga produces and the improvement of the gland function. It revives tired muscles and brings them back to their natural state.


  • Take care of your silhouette: It’s not the perfect sport to burn calories, however, it was found that those who practice it are able to keep or lose weight without regain.


  • Increases sexual desire: Practicing yoga improves sex life in both men and women because it helps to release tensions and relax your body, which increases sexual desire.


  • Improves your health: It improves blood circulation, strengthens bones and helps fight diseases such as osteoporosis, cervical problems, tendinitis, bruxism and lumbar hernias.


  • Skin care: The facial yoga acts as an anti-aging agent because it reduces the tension of the face, getting a true natural muscle lifting as a result.



Mental Benefits


  • Sleep better: It has been proven that those who practice yoga frequently sleep more every night, because it promotes deep breathing and it raises carbon dioxide levels, a natural sedative that helps to sleep better.


  • Concentration: Yoga postures increase concentration, memory, attention and creativity. Its practice actives the right hemisphere of the brain which is associated with creativity and attention and it keeps a lasting effect on thinking processes.


  • Fights depression: It increases GABA rates in the brain, decreasing anxiety and improving mood. Practicing yoga contributes to a progressive development of mind and body, strengthening self-esteem.


  • Peace and quiet: It helps to achieve peace of mind and fight stress and anxiety. Due to the slow and deep breathing exercises that contribute to a total integration and harmony state.


Now that you know all benefits of yoga, Dare to implement them!




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