beneficios de la cosmética natural
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Benefits of natural cosmetics

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday May 30th, 2016
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Using natural remedies for treating mild illnesses or pains, cooking organic and ecologic ingredients… Some years ago we started trusting on nature again to take care of ourselves and the beauty business doesn’t escape the trend. Today we want to show the advantages of natural cosmetics and suggest you two trendy beauty products:


A free-risk composition

The main difference between natural beauty products and conventional ones is their respective compositions. No chemical substances or petroleum derivatives, that can cause allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, are used. A natural cosmetic integrates substances that look like the ones we naturally have in our skin. That’s why it is not aggressive for our skin health at all.

Moreover, it is not damaging for environment since no animal raw materials, synthetic or mineral oils are used. They are neither tested on animals and the packages are made of recyclable materials.


Advantages of natural cosmetics

– They can be adapted to any skin type

Regenerate, take care and protect skin

Minimize wrinkles and blemishes caused by aging

– Strengthen and improvedermisfunctions

– Have soft and durable effects

– Are good for any skin type

Don’t cause allergic reactions or side effects

– Are cheaper than conventional cosmetics

– Are not damaging for the environment

– Help local market and small shops


Black soap and its different varieties has become a beauty must have lately:


African Black Soap

Original from West Africa, it’s made of shea barks among others barks and plants picked manually. This artisanal soap is advisable to any kind of skin and permits to clean, exfoliate, soften and moisturize. It is recommended against small expression lines, black spots and irritations. Its properties are not only limited to skin, African black soap is also good for the hair to soften and to get rid of dandruff.

advantages of natural cosmetics


Moroccan black soap

Also known as beldi soap, it is a product used especially in North Africa and Middle East. It is made from olive oil, olive pulp and potash. As African Black Soap, it has several functions: cleaning, exfoliating and softening. It is good for cellular regeneration, to treat acne and it is anti-inflammatory. Traditionally, it is used in hamman with kessa glove, a traditional glove that helps exfoliation while activating blood circulation.


These two soaps are really trendy but there exist a wide variety of natural products for the entire body and beauty necessities. You will for sure find what your skin needs!


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