Azuki beans benefits
Azuki beans benefits

Azuki beans benefits

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Thursday January 9th, 2014
Healthy nutrition

Azuki beans properties

What are azuki beans?

The azuki or adzuki beans (Vigna Angularis) are a kind of red bean usually grown in the Far East and the Himalaya with many health benefits. Today it is the second most popular bean in Japan, after soybeans.

adzuki bean properties

In addition to the many benefits of beans in a balanced diet, azukis are particularly suitable for improving the functioning of the kidney. 

What is the taste of adzuki beans?

The azuki has a very sweet taste so, although it is used like other legumes in stews and salads by mixing it savory ingredients, it is also used as a paste to prepare some healthy desserts and even ice cream

Azuki beans benefits

As mentioned, the main property of adzuki is its ability to improve the functioning of the kidneys due to its large cleanser power that helps to detoxify our renal organs. Also, the azuki bean has curiosly the same shape as a kidney. 

The azuki also facilitates the digestive process and helps the proper functioning of the intestinal flora, avoiding problems such as constipation

Furthermore, due to its high mineral content azuki is highly recommended to take during pregnancy because it stimulates breast milk. 

On the other hand, azuki is very low in fat and, like all legumes, is high in vegetable proteins

Azuki bean: How is it prepared?

azuki bean tea benefits

One of its main advantages is that azuki is a type of legume that requires less preparation time than usual. In an hour of cooking is already perfect for taking in stews, salads, etc. It is highly recommended to take the remaining broth when boiled as an infusion or adzuki soup, so we can take all its properties. 

Where to buy azuki beans?

You can buy it in many supermarkets and organic stores but also in our online boutique by clicking here.

Have you tasted it?

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