Did you hear about antigravity Yoga?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday November 17th, 2014

Antigravity Yoga: something completely new and original

You have surely heard about antigravity yoga but probably you don’t know exactly what it is.

Antigravity yoga is a new technique which is just starting in Spain.  We prepared this post for you to get to know it, and if you like the idea, try it! It is certainly something new and different…

It’s the mix of aerial yoga, acrobatics and pilates. It is a fun and alternative approach to fitness training. The antigravity yoga is done on a hammock hunged from the ceiling.

It was created by  Christopher Harrison (gymnast and dancer borned in United States).

antigravity yoga

Anti gravity yoga is a much harder than normal yoga, and is designed to feel freedom while doing it. Many people who tried this new exercise technique have described it as more fun yet intense and muscle hurting than any other type of fitness program. It also helps to reduce stress.

The objective of antigravity yoga is to liberate the body and help the person to have more confidence.

Benefits: improve muscles tone, have more self confidence, feel hapiness and have fun.

Beeing in a inverted position could not be funny for everybody, but there are lots of postures, so you will always find some adapted to you.

Anti gravity yoga is the latest in fitness in United States, although it is not much known in Spain.

The reversed positions (with the head down) helps us to improve the blood stream towards the head. We encourage you to try it. Those who did describe it as a feeling similar to be flying.

Try it if you are looking for new sensations and experiences. Know the possibilities of your body. You won’t regret it at all!



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