Anti-stress treatment

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday February 9th, 2015

We cannot end up with stress but we can manage it through some anti stress treatment.
Stress causes on the human brain the liberation of hormones directly into the blood, which allows us to answer, act and react to exterior situations.

We all have stress; good and bad stress, just like cholesterol. The thing is not allowing good stress to grow and become permanent, to become bad stress.
There are many factors that cause stress in life and it all depends on each person- way of being, age, life experiences, and capacity to react to pressure.
These will (or won’t) allow stress to settle down like a virus.



First of all it is important to accept that you are in one (or more) situation that is causing you stress. You then have to pay attention to some symptoms that start appearing: poor sleeping, head or back pain, messy nutrition, too much hunger or not hunger at all, symptoms of the digestive system, difficulties to breathe, tension, anxiety, irritation, impatience, fear or even panic, special need to smoke or to consume caffeine or sugar.

Some symptoms are caused by settled stress situations, and once they’re settled it is more difficult to change and regain the balance.

That is why learning how to manage stress must be priority in our lives.





An anti stress treatment will include many aspects that we need to pay attention to:


It’s essential to have a careful diet, paying attention to most stressful food.


Having enough and quality sleeping hours, as well as going early to sleep. The hours before midnight are better to rest than 8 hours after 12 am.


Practice regular exercise; train the mind with meditation and relaxation exercises, doing your daily cleaning and mental training.




Try massages and relaxation therapies in the water; visit an osteopath regularly, so tension doesn’t accumulate on your neck and back.

 Free time

Having leisure and creative activities; knowing how to keep time for doing nothing; having time and space for oneself and for healthy and nutritive relationships. Not being dependent of you smartphone and your virtual connexion with the exterior.

Be happy

Having a positive and cheerful spirit, trying to be thankful for what you have instead of being worried for what you don’t have or the future. Live the moment, live the present being aware of your breathing, that’s life.

Having a healthy and balance life, creating beauty and harmony, this is the most powerful way of managing your stress. Don’t mix up urgent with Priority! The priority is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health!

There is a full anti-stress treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic, which includes every necessary aspect to fight stress.


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