Aloe Vera in depth
Aloe Vera in depth

Aloe Vera in depth

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday March 13th, 2014
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Aloe Vera, the all in one plant

aloe vera benefits

Aloe Vera or Sabila has gained much popularity in the last ten years. Today we explain the most important properties of Aloe Vera and describe in detail its function and mechanisms of action.

Aloe Vera for face  

“Aloe Vera activates the production of collagen and helps in case of sunburn.”

Due to its known healing skin properties, Aloe Vera is one of the most used components by the cosmetic industry. Glucomannan and gibberellin, two of the main components of Aloe Vera, once in contact with the skin or taken orally, stimulates the production of collagen, this leads to a significant acceleration of skin regeneration. Aloe Vera is also used for sunburn, after applying Aloe Vera topically, the skin produces an antioxidant called metallothionein, which plays a key role in helping to heal the burn and relieve pain faster.

Moisturizing and anti aging effect.

Aloe Vera stimulates the production of fibroblast, which one could say are the “bricks” used for the production of collagen, which helps in increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles naturally . Furthermore, its components act on the layer of the epidermis, softening and solidifying the skin (due to aloe Vera’s ability in increasing the penetration capacity of collagen). Another of its functions is to close the pores of the skin, thereby preventing their infection and consequent occurrence of pimples. Another of the components of Aloe Vera (Mucopolysaccharides) causes the skin to absorb more moisture, increasing its elasticity and smoothness.

Disinfectant, Anti-biotic, Anti-microbial, Germicidal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral

The active components of Aloe Vera (Sulfurom lupeol, salicylic acid, cinnamic acid, urea nitrogen and phenol), are substances that prevent the development of disease-causing microorganisms. They also fight bacteria, fungus and infections.

 Aloe Vera boosts the immune system

The polysaccharides in Aloe Vera stimulate the production of macrophages (known as white blood cells), which are responsible for fighting viruses  . Moreover, thanks to its high content of amino acids, Aloe Vera helps to combat free radicals, which contribute to the aging process.

You can also drink it with Aloe Vera Juice that cleans your organism and helps your digestive system

What about you? How do you use Aloe Vera? What was it effective for?


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