Allergy remedies

Allergy remedies

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Tuesday April 2nd, 2013
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Allergy solutions

Spring is a difficult season for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis

Once winter is over, with the spring, temperatures start to rise and allergic rhinitis or hay fever, which is basically allergies to dust or allergies to pollen, become a common problem that affects many allergic people who seek solutions and remedies for their allergy symptoms such as nasal rhinitis, itching, watery eyes or breathing difficulties. Therefore, we decided to give you some tips and remedies to allergic fight that serve you as a natural allergic treatment.

Natural remedies to fight hay fever

Isabel Moreno, an expert on nutrition and natural therapy, maintains that springtime asthenia or hay fever is due to the body feeling exhausted; our energy changes and one of the associated reactions are allergies. “Eliminating dairy products from our diet can prevent the mucus that is produced with the allergies. It is also a good idea to eat food that alkalizes our body, such as plant-origin food, especially fruit and vegetables” states the healthy nutrition consultant.

As for tips on nutrition and advice on healthy eating that can prevent allergies, the chefs at healthy restaurant SHAMADI recommend eating some antiallergic ingredients such as umeboshi, a Japanese plum that is extremely beneficial for health (it is antiallergic but also analgesic) and drink ume-sho-bancha tea (made of umeboshi plums, shoyu, and bancha or three-year tea), which naturally stops headaches, stomach problems or fatigue, typical symptoms of spring allergies.

Another of our tips to prevent allergies is doing regular exercise because practising sport builds up the immune system and it protects the organism from infections. Luis Ganso, personal trainer, recommends “doing moderate sport under the supervision of a personal trainer who adapts the exercise to the individual needs of each person and of course, always avoid doing exercise outside at this time of year to prevent the classic hay fever”.

Moreover, our different natural treatments can also help those suffering from allergies as our natural therapies have all been designed and chosen for their preventive and curing properties. A few examples are acupuncture that stimulates the body’s natural defences and promotes self-healing or the relaxing massages. Ricardo Inocentes, head therapist, insists that “not only do we want you to have a pleasant stay with us but we also want to enhance your body’s own ability to boost its immune system”.

Spring allergies or hay fever such as dust mite allergy, dust allergy or pollen allergy develop more at this time of year and that’s why it is so important to prevent them in advance with natural remedies like these. However, if their symptoms are very severe so best to see an allergist specialist.

Do you have some tips to fight allergies?

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