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How to fight Abdominal Flaccidity

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Monday December 14th, 2015
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What is Abdominal Flaccidity?

Abdominal flaccidity is nothing more than the accumulation of fat or skin in the abdominal area.
It is more common in men, since as women produce a hormone, estrogen, which cause fat to accumulate in the thighs and hips, men’s testosterone causes fat to focus on the abdominal region, where the muscles are less firm. Anyway, Abdominal flaccidity worries both sexes equally.

Causes of Abdominal flaccidity

The main cause of the appearance of abdominal flaccidity is the sudden loss of weight. Although physical inactivity, poor nutrition, metabolism change associated to age and  postpartum are also very normal and common causes.

How to fight Abdominal Flaccidity

Abdominal flaccidity must be fought from three different angles simultaneously for results:

1. Diet

Keep in mind that a poor diet is a major cause of abdominal flaccidity. And we are not referring only to the intake of too much fat or sugar, but diets that cause rapid weight loss. These diets actually makes one lose water and then muscle mass, so the weight is not gained as muscle, but as water and fat, which causes flaccidity even in “thin” people. Therefore no further action you take will work if you do not start by eating a healthy diet.

2. Exercise

Abdominal Flaccidity can not be burnt with exercise, but you can tone muscles and reduce belly fat.
For this we recommend two different types of exercises:
Specific: For example an abdominal plank


exercise for belly fat
Make several sets of 30 seconds a day to start, leaving the back straight, eyes ahead of hands and the hip without sinking. As it is shown in the image.
– General: Like walking or biking. Besides yoga or pilates also enhance the strengthening of the abdominal area (core) since it involves the central force for many of the exercises and poses.

3. Skin Nutrition

It is necessary to nourish the skin from the inside taking water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from avocados, nuts and seeds, which help the firmness in the skin and make it look younger.

And from the outside, using firming lotions that not only help eliminate flaccidity, but also moisturize and increase skin flexibility. The usual application of these products for firm skin in problematic areas, helps tighten the skin and improve its elasticity. Look for products that contain essential ingredients like collagen, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamins A, C, E, and D.

Extra Help

The combination of these tips with the help of a specific aesthetic program for the abdominal area will help you obtain foolproof results.


Start working today and get rid of those extra centimeters!


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