A year full of health and wellbeing

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday January 2nd, 2017

The start of a new year invites us to start a fresh chapter, full of new intentions and goals. As we close 2016 behind us, we have the chance to reflect on what the year has brought us, with its challenges and opportunities, always taking every experience as an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves and approach the new year with positivity, enthusiasm and motivation.

In the last few years, there’s been a wave of consciousness in the realm of health and wellness. More and more people have started to give priority to taking care of themselves and investing in long-term wellbeing. The best approach to health is to focus on it being an on-going project, a long-term goal that needs to be worked on constantly and positively. Short-term solutions don’t deliver the results we are looking for, nor do they provide us with long-lasting happiness and wellbeing we are after. Therefore, it’s important to create a lifestyle that is sustainable, healthy and enjoyable. Once that is achieved, taking care of oneself becomes second nature and no longer feels like it’s an effort to live a healthy lifestyle; instead it becomes a way of living.

With every new year that comes, new resolutions are envisioned, however, many of us mark goals that aren’t very realistic. In fact, 81% of new year’s resolutions aren’t achieved. We create resolutions that instead of motivating us, make us feel disappointed because we aren’t able to achieve them. Instead, make your new year’s resolutions a journey where you can work towards your goals at the rhythm that suits you best and by enjoying the whole process. This isn’t achieved from one day to another; rather it should be seen as a personal project that requires excitement, compassion and determination, day after day.

When we have inner happiness, we are able to succeed in all aspects of our lives. The happiness that comes from within is a result of taking care of ourselves. This is able to occur when we give our health the importance it deserves. By adopting healthy habits in our day-to-day we are able to feel great about ourselves and offer our best version to those around us.

Let this year be one of health and wellbeing, a year where instead of focusing on a short term solution, we will strive to work towards a lifelong goal, one that is sustainable for this year and the years to come. Let’s create a lifestyle that will bring us health, and success, love and happiness, will come hand in hand.


Wishing you a New Year full of health and harmony!


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