A mindfulness retreat at a wellness clinic: the latest trend in rest and meditation

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Sunday March 25th, 2018

Doing a mindfulness retreat in a comprehensive wellness clinic is the best way to get the most benefit this practice can provide.

Both meditation and mindfulness are disciplines whose continued and systematic practice offer well-being to those who practice them. That is why perseverance during the days of retirement will make you experience the connection with your own body and your mind to a far greater extent.

A mindfulness retreat will allow you to experience the nature of your inner self without daily distractions or worries. This way you will be able devote all that time to work on your self-acceptance and openness towards others that will lead you to a deep inner transformation.

If you have decided to undergo a mindfulness retreat, we are going to give you some advice so that your experience is satisfactory, and you reap all the benefits that this millenary practice has to offer you.

Before you do a mindfulness retreat

Choose suitable surroundings

For this experience it is crucial that you choose the best possible environment. SHA Wellness Clinic is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, near the town called Altea. The sea is the natural element that provides the greatest well-being and relaxation through its contemplation, hence the importance of its proximity is to aid you in your purpose. In addition, the climate of the shores of the Mediterranean is mild throughout the year, without major changes in temperature or weather conditions. You can enjoy the outdoors on your meditation walks.

Inquire about the program and the instructor

It is imperative that they are in tune with the philosophy of the therapist who will direct the retreat. This will avoid annoying situations that could prevent you from focusing your attention on achieving the internal balance you seek. You must get acquainted with the values, the spiritual condition and the religiosity that underlies the encounter to see if you have affinity with it or not.

Check your expectations

Ask yourself why you want to do the retreat and what you want to achieve with your days of meditation. Check the different programs offered by the center to be sure that they align with your objectives.

Some things that will surprise you during your retreat

Once decided which program is best suited to your taste and needs, you must deploy all your capabilities to make the most of the opportunity and enjoy it. Especially if it is the first time, these are some situations that will surprise you.

You will be on your own

Although there will be more people attending the same program, the experience is individual and completely personal. You share the physical space but the work you must do yourself, alone. You will be silent for most of the time.

We encourage you to come to a mindfulness retreat with us. At SHA Wellness Clinic we offer you all the comfort to make your experience utterly satisfactory.



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