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Young couple enjoying a racket game while at the summer beach

8 sports to practice at the beach

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday June 21st, 2016

Many of us choose the beach to enjoy holidays in summer. Sunbathing, resting from stressful jobs and disconnecting from our daily routine are the main goals. However it doesn’t mean that you have to stop training. The beach may become the perfect place to keep exercising your body. Today we suggest 8 sports to practice on the beach in order to keep enjoying the benefits of physical exercise for your health:


  • Volleyball

It’s a classical beach sport. With volleyball, the legs and gluteus are especially exercised. When you jump or shoot, calf muscles and abdominals are intensively activated. Lifting up the arms several times to shoot is also very good for the upper part of the back.


  • Badminton

This is an aerobic activity that is very good for the blood and respiratory system. Almost every muscle of the body is put to work and especially; gluteus, abdominals and dorsal. This is also a sport that strengths joints and stimulates coordination and resistance.


  • Surf

Practising sports outdoors allows us to get rid of stress and relax. Surf also improves cardiorespiratory functioning and allows us to strengthen arms and back. Staying with your feet on the board is essential to practice surf and permits to exercise legs, gluteus and abdominals, apart from body balance.


Women Stand Up Paddling (SUP) at sunset. Nikon D810. Converted from RAW.

  • Water ski

The person slides on water with skis while a motorboat drags him/her. This sport improves the strength of arms and legs but it is also excellent to increase resistance, balance and reflexes.


  • Racket game

Focusing on the game, paddle tennis allows ending up with stress. It is also a good and complete activity since it permits to work the coordination of the movements, elasticity and reflexes. It also helps on losing weight, toning up muscles, improving cardiovascular system and to reduce risk to suffer heart-related disease.


  • Canoeing

To practice this discipline it is necessary to control balance. In this way, stabilising muscles of the core have to strengthen. However, they are not the only muscles that work since the muscled of the arms and back are also working.


  • Sail boat

We don’t usually think of sailing as a sport when we are at the coast. However, it provides physical benefits, as tonification of muscles, body strength, blood circulation improvement; and also mental benefits, as stress decrease, concentration increase or team working development.


  • Frisbee

This activity burns a lot of calories and permits to reinforce the musculature of arms, back and legs. It’s a fun exercise that kids and adults can practice together.


Which sport do you practice when you spend time on the beach? Do you keep you sport routines while you are on holiday?


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