8 Healthy travelling tips

8 Healthy travelling tips

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Wednesday December 7th, 2016
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As the festive season is approaching, many of us are preparing for our travels. Whether it’s near or far, there are tips and tricks to make your journey more enjoyable and as healthy as possible, so that when you arrive to your end destination, you’ll feel good from the inside out.

Travelling great distances and across different time zones can be very tiring and can put your immune system to the test.

We want to feel our best on holiday, so what you do from the moment you start travelling, is going to affect how you feel once your travels have ended.


Drink water

The airplane air is very dehydrating; therefore, it’s important to drink a lot of water throughout the flight. You might need to visit the toilet once or twice, but that will get your body moving, which is exactly one of the things we don’t do very much during a flight.

Bring snacks

To avoid being tempted by airplane food, which tends to be unhealthy and full of salt, sugar and additives, bring healthy snacks with you.

Healthy snack options:

If you’re going on a long haul flight, you can even bring your own meal. These recipes are airplane friendly:

Bring your own herbal tea

Instead of drinking the filtered coffee or classic tea they offer on flights, bring your own herbal tea bags to keep hydrated and detox your body. Just ask for some warm water and add your own tea bag!

Wash your hands often

We all know that there are a lot of germs and bacteria on planes. To avoid getting sick, wash your hands often. You can also use a hand sanitizer.

Stretch it out

We spend so much time sitting down during a flight, that our bodies get sore, blood doesn’t circulate well and our legs get bloated. Walk around the plane once in awhile and stretch your body out with some stretching exercises.

Bring face oil

The filtered air in the airplane dries your skin out and leaves it looking dull. Wash your face and apply a face oil or moisturiser to plump up your skin and make sure it’s getting enough hydration. You’ll look good as new when you land!

Lavender oil

If you’re a nervous flyer, applying a few drops of lavender oil on the tips of your fingers and inhaling the scent through your nose can be very calming. You can also apply some on the circumference of your nostrils to constantly breath the calming scent.


If you’re on a long haul flight, try to sleep as much as possible so you can arrive feeling fresh. Apply an eye mask, some lavender oil and doze off till landing!


With these tips and tricks you’ll feel good as new when you arrive to your end destination and you’ll be ready to enjoy your much deserved holidays!


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