vegetarian restaurants in Spain
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5 vegetarian restaurants in Spain

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday December 30th, 2014

Who said  vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic food is bored or tasteless? It’s an erroneous myth! Creative and tasty dishes of this characteristics can be done, but surely you do not know where to find them. If you don’t know where to go, but would love to try this kind of food, this post can be a good start. These 5 vegetarian restaurants in Spain offer healthy, tasty and fresh food.  The truth is that there isn’t a great variety of places with these characteristics in Spain, but we will help you across the following list:

Kimpira Restaurant Organic Healthy Food

Address: C/ Convento San Francisco, 5. 46002 Valencia.

Timetable:  Mondays to Sundays 13:30h to 16:30h. Saturdays 20:30h to 24:00h.

Contact: Tel. 963 92 34 22. [email protected]

It belongs to the Macrobiotic Institute of Spain. Patricia Restrepo, director and founder of the institute and co-founder of Kimpira said: “it’s not about a restaurant, it’s a project, a designed space for healthy food to be extensible to pleasure”.


vegetarian restaurants in Spain




Address: C/Riu Güell, 31-33. 17005 Girona, Cataluña.

Timetable:   Mondays to Fridays 10 to 16h. Saturdays and Sundays at midday. Fridays and saturdays night.

Contact: Tel. 972 94 08 32. [email protected]

Chef: Pablo Salas.

Offers vegetarian and vegan food with the best products of the land, fresh and of season.


vegetarian restaurants in Spain


La Galette 2

Address: C/ Bárbara de Braganza 10. 28004. Madrid.

Timetable:  Mondays to Fridays 13.30 a 16 and 21 a 24h. Saturdays and Sundays 14 a 16 and 21 a 24h.

Contact: Tel. 913085413. [email protected]

La Gallete 2 belongs to Cuisine de Saveur Group. 40 years ago they opened the first restaurant of vegetarian food in Spain. It concept is based on the mix of flavors brought from different countries.


vegetarian restaurants in Spain


Olivia Te Cuida

Address: C/ Santa Teresa 8. 28004. Madrid.

Timetable: Mondays to sundays 9:00 to 18:00h.

Contact: Tel. 917020066. [email protected]

In “Olivia te cuida” you will find food based in vegetarian and organic cuisine.

vegetarian restaurants in Spain




Address: C/ Verderol 5. Playa del Albir. 03581. Alicante.

Timetable: Mondays to sundays 7.30 to 10.30, 13 a 15, and 19.30 to 21.30h.

Contact: 966811199.

Shamadi is the restaurant of Sha Wellness Clinic, but you don’t need to be lodged in the hotel to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. With views to Altea’s bay, you you can enjoy a modern and a warm environment. The products used in our plates are based in macrobiotic and are carefully selected, considering the seasons, quality and combination of ingredients to create a unique experience.

vegetarian restaurants in Spain



Try any of these options,  for sure they will surprise you and you will remain delighted!



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