5 pros of traveling solo
5 pros of traveling solo

5 pros of traveling solo

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday August 22nd, 2013

Traveling alone on holidays

Nowadays there are more and more people who dare to travel alone in what is known as “single trips” either because you are single or simply because there are certain times when you prefer to travel alone to dedicate time to you. Although many people still think that holidays are to spend with family and loved ones, sometimes we need to disconnect by ourselves.

According to the latest reports from international tourism, travel alone is a growing trend, especially among women traveling solo. For them, traveling alone is a turning point and change in routine about their day to day lives. Traveling alone on holidays has many advantages.

The 5 major benefits of single holidays are:

1. Personal wealth

The solo travelers tend to highlight the amount of experiences and unforgettable moments they live when traveling alone. When we travel solo we are who chooses the destination and the activities that we want to enjoy according to our personality and our desires, and there are many times when we choose life-changing experiences.

Travelling alone on holidays

2. Sense of freedom and independence

Travelling accompanied can be very stressful because it always involves choices yield to our companions that maybe we crave, organize your time according to the interests of all travelers, and so on. However, if you travel alone you are who marks the rhythm freely, who decides what to do and when to do it.

travelling alone

3. Enjoy the most of the surroundings

The connection with nature and the environment around us is much greater when we travel solo than when we travel accompanied. Doing walks and excursions with silence as the only companion we will enjoy more of the beauty of the environment around us.

Travelling alone

4. Find oneself

The holiday break for oneself are the perfect opportunity to unwind from the routine of work and take time to us, think about us and what life changes we want to do.

travel solo on holidays

5. Meet new people

Although we travel solo, we are never really alone. We always meet new people with whom to share experiences when we want, and with which we will certainly have more in common than we think. To do this, it is best to take part in some group activities and events that facilitate communication between different travelers.

Advantatges of travelling alone

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