5 New Year’s resolutions that you’ll keep with SHA

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Thursday December 30th, 2021
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Thanks to the SHA integrative method you’ll be able to achieve all your goals to be the best version of yourself in 2022.


Enjoying an optimal state of health and well-being is the wish we all share for the New Year. However, achieving a balance between body, mind and spirit requires determination and the will to want to change what we don’t like and the help, knowledge and recommendations of highly qualified experts to guide us through the process. The first part of this commitment depends entirely on you. For the second part, SHA Wellness Clinic provides customisable programmes and health packs that involve and combine different disciplines that will help you achieve your goals.


  1. Quit smoking

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 60,000 people die every year in Spain from smoking-related illnesses. If you’ve made the decision to quit, you should know that 95% of the guests who take part in the SHA Anti-tobacco Programme succeed. Its success lies in the combination of different disciplines, from pulmonary detox nebulisation and intravenous ozone therapy to psychology consultations that delve into the origin of the problem, as well as relaxing Eastern techniques, such as meditation, yoga and pranayama breathing, which are very effective in overcoming the anxiety caused by the abstinence syndrome.

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  1. Reach your optimal weight

Miracle diets are never the way to combat excess weight and obesity. Instead, learning healthy eating habits makes it possible both to reach and maintain the right weight over time and to enjoy an optimal state of health, well-being and vitality. SHA nutrition is therefore healthy, therapeutic, slightly alkaline, energetic and very balanced, based on whole, fresh, seasonal and, whenever possible, locally produced foods. But food isn’t the only factor that influences weight control, which is why the SHA Optimal Weight Programme includes, in addition to a personalised food plan, emotional eating sessions, physical exercise, natural therapies and state-of-the-art treatments focused on weight reduction, healthy cooking classes and lifestyle recommendations to continue taking care of yourself once your stay is over.

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  1. Improve your cognitive abilities

To enjoy optimal mental agility, learning to manage emotions and carry out daily activities that stimulate cognitive skills, such as reading, sudoku or crosswords, is essential. SHA’s Cognitive and Emotional Health Unit has the two most cutting-edge neurological treatments currently available: Photobiomodulation and Transcranial Stimulation (TCS). Technologically developed by NASA and Harvard Medical School, they help to improve concentration, vitality, mood, emotions and motivation, which will allow you to face the day to day with your brain functions at their best.

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  1. Take care of your mental health

Managing negative emotions, instead of repressing them, is the first step to achieving the desired inner balance. To do this, it is essential to focus on the present and stop making long-term plans, something that, in the midst of the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, is creating a lot of frustration. Depression is related to looking too far into the past, while anxiety stems from looking into the future. Therefore, thinking in the short term is mentally very healthy. Moreover, learning to manage stress is crucial when it comes to maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance. And there is no better way to relax, combat discouragement, anxiety, fatigue and irritability and focus on the here and now than mindfulness disciplines. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables and free of sugars, refined and processed foods, and getting daily physical exercise will also help you to have greater mental clarity.

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  1. Get fit

An active lifestyle and regular moderate physical exercise is the ideal way to control weight and strengthen bones and muscles. But making exercise a routine provides multiple benefits beyond the purely physical: it improves brain function and mental health, increases vitality and boosts the immune system. Moreover, during workouts, endorphins and hormones are released, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which help to control stress, lead to better sleep and reduce negative feelings related to depression and anxiety. In short, exercise makes us happier.

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SHA Wellness Clinic wishes you a happy, successful and very healthy 2022


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