3 basic tips to keep vitamins from healthy foods
3 basic tips to keep vitamins from healthy foods

3 basic tips to keep vitamins from healthy foods

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Tuesday August 13th, 2013
Healthy nutrition

How to keep vitamins from healthy food

Hi all! After talking about the importance of taking vitamin supplements on the advice of an expert in nutrition and about bad habits that cause vitamin deficiency, today we share three basic tips to preserve vitamins from fruits and vegetables we regularly consume.

RDA fruits and vegetables

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of fruit and vegetables

In our healthy diet we recommend taking more vegetables than fruit. The fruit, in small amounts, is an essential element in our diet but excess sugar can bring to our organization. We recommend taking a piece of fruit a day, best taken between meals as a dessert. It is best to choose organic fruit, local and seasonal. It can be eaten raw or cooked, depending also on the season: while in summer our bodies need the freshness of raw fruit in winter the cooked fruit is better assimilated.

As for the vegetables in our diet we recommend a wide variety of vegetables with different shapes, colors, growing season and nutritional content, both in lunch and dinner, especially highlighting the benefits of green vegetables. We recommend that most vegetables are cooked, although a small portion may be up raw vegetables.

3 basic tips to preserve vitamins

  • Add the vegetables and fruits in dark and dry places to prevent oxidation.
  • Eating fresh vegetables prevents loss of its vitamin content. Every day that passes our fruit and vegetables lose nutrients.
  • Better keep the fruits and vegetables whole, uncut, as contact with oxygen facilitates air oxidation. So when preparing juices and creams best when taken immediately to keep all their vitamins and properties.

If despite these tips and recommendations you stil have vitamin deficiency, consult a nutritionist for advice on the most appropriate vitamin supplements.

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