2016 año internacional de las legumbres

2016: International Year of Pulses

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Tuesday January 19th, 2016
Healthy nutrition

2016 was declared International Year of Pulses by the United Nations in order to promote the consumption of them and increase the worldwide awareness about their nutritional benefits. Besides being an essential source of proteins, they also help to fight obesity and to control some diseases as diabetes or cancer. In several countries, the legumes have already replaced meat since they are cheaper and healthier. Also, you can conserve them for longer than any other food, they contribute to local producers’ incomes and its production is not damaging for the environment. In short, it is the perfect edible, that’s why pulses mean a crucial part of SHA Diet.

This international event is for us the occasion to present you the most eaten pulses in some countries.


Spain is the European country where legumes are more consumed. It is usual to find chickpeas in the plates. They give an important quantity of fiber and they contain a lot of vitamin B1, iron and potassium. This ingredient is mainly used to make delicious soups.


In Morocco, fava beans are the favorite ones. This seed is rich in vitamin E and proteins. Moroccans usually eat them with cumin, add it to the famous couscous or cook a beyssar with it, a traditional recipe similar to humus.


In China, people eat a lot of soja, as soja sauce, tofu or tonyu. This legume has several benefits: it reduces the risk of having a uterine cancer, lessens the pain and helps to handle with stress.

soy beans

In France, it is usual to cook seeds and especially green lentils. Full of iron, antioxidants and nutriments, you can eat them hot or cold, in soup or salads.


In Mexico, there exists an incredible quantity of beans. Each of them contains proteins, fiber and minerals. These pulses are a part of the Mexican diary diet. They are cooked in soups, enfrijoladas or garnish.


In India, dal is really popular. It is a plate elaborated from stripped off pulses, especially red lentils which are good antioxidants, help to prevent cancer and to reduce cholesterol.


The UN recognizes 11 primary pulses in the world so enjoy the International Year of Pulses to find your favorite one! Trying new exotic recipes will provide you a lot of healthy benefits!

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