12 Years Transforming Lives; 12 Reasons to Come to SHA

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Saturday October 17th, 2020

SHA Wellness Clinic is turning 12 years old, and there are just as many reasons to enjoy everything it has to offer. Reasons to feel unique, special, and exclusive, and always with a clear goal: health.

Here are 12 great reasons to enjoy a SHA experience:

1. Our unique integrative method

SHA is a life-changing experience focused on helping people achieve and maintain optimal health. Our method is based on different disciplines: nutrition, fitness, natural therapies, revitalising medicine, regenerative medicine, aesthetic medicine, inner balance, cognitive stimulation, and healthy ageing. Our method is based on 8 main areas: healthy nutrition, natural therapies, preventive medicine and healthy ageing, advanced dermaesthetics, cognitive stimulation and emotional health, well-being and inner balance, physical performance, as well as learning new healthy habits through our Healthy Living Academy.

All of these methods combined allow us to improve and boost the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our guests with a holistic, integrative approach.

2. Our healthy nutrition and haute cuisine

Our nutrition is based on a healthy, balanced diet to boost your energy, which has been inspired by thousand-year-old principles and adapted to modern life. We especially focus on using local, organic, and seasonal foods.

Based on proven scientific knowledge and personalized nutritional plans, we define realistic goals for each guest and proposes 3 types of base diet, which can be adapted according to each guest’s needs. The idea is not only for guests to acquire new healthy nutritional habits but also for them to learn to fully and consciously enjoy food.

3. Our health programmes

Each guest is different and has different needs and goals. That is why we offer different specific health programmes:

Optimal Weight (to regulate your metabolism in a healthy and long-lasting way); Detox (to purify your body); Intensive (a fusion of weight loss and detoxification); Healthy Ageing (to slow down your biological ageing process for a longer and fuller life); and Rebalance (to learn new healthy habits to improve your overall health).

4. A special boost for your immune system

SHA was born with a clear focus: caring for health through prevention. Hence the importance we attach to preventive medicine and the reason why we have focused our efforts, from the beginning, on working and researching the best technology and therapies to strengthen the immune system.

Time has proved us right: a strong immune system is vital to combat viruses with widespread outbreaks and external aggressions. In this sense, we have created a new specific pack focused on the reinforcement of the immune system, to restore and stimulate our body’s natural defenses in order to effectively combat any external aggression.

5. Our healthy ageing approach

It isn’t just about living longer; it is about living better. The purpose of the Healthy Ageing and Preventive Medicine area is to slow down the process of cellular degeneration and to reactivate the health potential of each person. This involves working on preventing or reversing premature ageing after diagnosing its causes and also naturally stimulating and rebuilding different processes and metabolic systems.

Our anti-ageing therapies are geared towards allowing our guests to enjoy life with health and vitality, free of diseases and the discomforts of ageing.

6. Our Healthy Living Academy

Our vocation is to share our knowledge of healthy lifestyles with our guests, who take home what they have learned at SHA Wellness Clinic. That is why we make activities—that provide our guests with tools and knowledge—available to everyone so they can enjoy long-lasting well-being.

7. Our extraordinary team

Knowledge is key to provide guests with personalised treatments. SHA Wellness Clinic has a first-class international medical team and state-of-the-art therapies that have been created as a product of SHA’s own scientific research to incorporate them into our method. All of the therapies have a clear aim: to improve your life. In addition, we have a team of excellent human quality and experience, as well as a personalized service.

8. Our privileged surroundings

Our environment also has a significant impact on our health and well-being. SHA Wellness Clinic was built in the Sierra Helada nature reserve, on a hillside with views of the Mediterranean and a special microclimate. It is the perfect environment to reconnect with ourselves.

9. Our suites and facilities

In this unique, natural environment with Mediterranean gardens that join the interior with nature outside, SHA boasts sophisticated, spacious facilities with pure lines. Its 93 suites and 11 residences have a minimalist, elegant design. It is a perfect, exclusive option in times of social distancing.

10. Our in-residence wellness concept

Health, well-being, family, and exclusivity. The concept of SHA Residences was built under these premises: 11 private residences attached to SHA Wellness Clinic that have been built efficiently and sustainably and prioritise guests’ health and well-being.

The concept was developed while keeping in mind guests who would like to enjoy well-being as a family and to introduce their children to the philosophy of caring for your health. It is authentic wellness with your family.

11. A protected environment

We have adapted SHA Wellness Clinic to international safety regulations, and we even take a step further by incorporating the most thorough standards and the most innovative technology to ensure extraordinary cleanliness. This keeps our guests and our entire team healthy and safe in our facilities.

We have adapted our spaces for social distancing and have also expanded our range of therapies to work on strengthening your immune system.

Our goal is for these measures not to affect the SHA experience, the effectiveness of its method, and the excellence of our service; they must strengthen these aspects to help people achieve today’s most demanded health and wellness goals.

12. Our SHA Insurance and other exclusive services

Our guests have special all-risk insurance available to them for free. It covers medical and healthcare expenses, repatriation, transport if the guest becomes ill, expenses caused by a prolonged stay due to quarantine, loss from services that could not be provided, reimbursement for vacations that could not be taken, and even online medical consultations.

We also provide transfer service in a high-end car disinfected with ozone to and from the closest airports (in Alicante and Valencia) in addition to other transfer options with transfers to and from the nearest airports (Alicante and Valencia), as well as other transfer options.


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