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Wednesday November 12th, 2014
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6 e-mails, 3 missed calls, 18 whatsapp messages, 2 facebook news… Smartphones make our lives easier, that’s true but… do they also stress us a little?

They’re firstly thought to help on working tasks, but most of us can not imagine our lives without certain applications. Nevertheless something is proven: smartphones stress us.

Among all notifications revolution we found a peace corner10 relaxing instagram profiles with photo galleries that transmit tranquility, relax and a real peace unaware of everyday life.

Enjoy the pics and star following them ASAP!



The sky os always present on @Brahmino photos.


Let’s join Yoggy world with @yoga_digest


Let’s travel to the prettiest corners on earth with @colerise


Everyday life of mexican @indradel__  through her wonderful photographs.


Who said food is not relaxing? Colourful  @nutrition_planet gallery certainly is!


On ShaWellness Instagram profile you will find all the elements to get peace on your life: food, techniques, treatments…



 @misswinter gets this amazing pics with just her iphone camera.


A pretty gallery full of vegan and hypnotizing food on  @pureveganfood


If landscapes is what really relaxes you, it’s time to follow @curious2119 


Are you and Instagram fan? We just love it! We wait for you on our profile and in the meanwhile we hope you got to relax at least for a while!



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