10 Reasons to spend Christmas at SHA

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday November 3rd, 2020

Healthy holidays. This new concept relates rest with health, and SHA Wellness Clinic knows how important it is to combine relaxation with care. Here are 10 reasons to visit us this Christmas:

1. 2020 has taught us that health is our greatest treasure

It is not only about living longer but also about living better. If you have been neglecting your health, with an inappropriate lifestyle, we can help you regain physical and mental control.

2. Celebrate and enjoy in a healthy and conscious way

It’s easy to be careless during the festive season. Long family meals and suppers can cause our bodies to suffer. The intake of caloric and unhealthy foods increases, sleep schedules are disrupted and physical activity decreases. Why not celebrate in a healthier way? It can be done!

3. Starting over

Starting the year full of vitality and well-being is the best purpose to be and feel healthier, learn how to manage stress, discover how Pranayama can change your life, start new habits…

4. The warm and mild climate

A temperature of 18 degrees in Spain in the middle of winter? Yes, it’s possible! SHA Wellness Clinic is located in front of the Mediterranean Sea, near the bay of Altea and in the heart of the Sierra Helada Natural Park. With 330 days of sunshine a year, the World Health Organisation itself considers it to be one of the best climates in the world. A privileged place to enjoy outdoor activities.

5. We care about your safety

Without safety, there is no health. We have strengthened all health measures to propose an innovative plan that goes far beyond public recommendations. We are renewing the spaces to adapt them to the needs of social distancing and reinforcing our offer in order to work on strengthening the immune system.

6. Enjoy the holiday following the guidelines of social distancing

SHA Wellness Clinic offers 6,000 m2 of wellness and spacious suites with mountain or sea views. The complex includes Zen, Mediterranean and tropical gardens, large outdoor and heated swimming pools, waterfalls and many relaxation areas. The wide and diaphanous spaces, combined in perfect harmony with the most innovative design, are arranged in order to make you feel at home.

7. Unforgettable celebrations with a themed programme

At SHA Wellness Clinic we have designed an attractive programme of activities to experience the most wonderful time of the year: from cooking classes of reinvented traditional dishes in their healthiest version to your healthy Christmas treats or coaching sessions to best plan our goals for 2021. And also enjoy the best selection of Christmas films in our pleasant cinema and pleasant evenings with live music.

8. A unique holiday season with (or without) the family

SHA Wellness Clinic offers an ideal experience both to live it alone and to do it together with many of our guests. There are few things as healthy as cultivating social relations and affection, interacting with other people of common interests and sharing the activities we propose. Also to live it in a couple or with family and friends, enjoying the generous amplitude and privacy of our SHA Residences.

9. To give the best experience to your loved ones

Can there be anything more beautiful than giving health as a gift? Because involving your family or friends in a healthy holiday can be the most generous thing you’ve ever done.

10. To feel safe

We know that these are difficult times subject to the appearance of any unforeseen event. For this reason, SHA Wellness Clinic offers guests and their companions a special free all-risk insurance policy that covers medical and health expenses, possible repatriation or transport of sick people, possible expenses of prolonged stay due to quarantine, loss of services not enjoyed, reimbursement of days not enjoyed and even medical remote consultations.


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