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10 mistakes we make everyday

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday November 25th, 2015
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Because health is not only what we do or eat, but how we do it or eat it… Take note of these 10 mistakes we make everyday and start changing your routines:

1. Missing breakfast 

A healthy diet should have at least 3 meals a day, and is also highly advisable to insert some snack (always healthy) mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
Breakfast will provide us with the energy to face the day. Having it is as important as what we have.


mistakes we make everyday


2. Drinking orange juice in a hurry

It is a widely held belief, a false myth that has been passed from father to son. But the fact is that vitamin C in orange juice remains intact up to 12 hours if the juice is stored in a cool place. Although a freshly squeezed juice is always delicious!


3. Adding milk to tea

This small gesture, widespread especially in the UK, kills all detoxifying properties and protective effect on the cardiovascular system tea has. Not to mention adding sugar…


4. Brushing your teeth (on a wrong way)

Not everyone uses at least 2 minutes brushing teeth or waits 30 minutes after eating to wash them. Take note, it is the optimal thing to do!




5. Not washing hands before eating

It seems obvious but often, especially when eating on the street, we forget to wash the hands and the amount of bacteria accumulated is infinite.


6. Not hydrating enough

And we do not refer only to drinking water (which is just as important now than in summer) but to apply moisturizers on the skin, which inevitably tends to dry during the winter.


brushing teeth for at least 2 minutes


7. Showering with too much soap

A small amount of soap is actually needed, applied to the most needed areas, ie in the natural voids of the skin and the folds.


8. Practicing exercise…

… with too much intensity, skipping the warming up, stopping suddenly and not stretching at the end. Injuries and soreness can be prevented!


9. Not using sunscreen

It may not seem necessary in winter, but it is 100% recommended.


10. Eat fruit as a dessert

Fruit contains a monosaccharide called fructose, after the food ingested, it causes a rapid increase in blood insulin levels and makes everything previously eaten more easily to become fat. So it is best to eat fruit at breakfast, mid-morning or afternoon snack.


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