10 healthy resolutions for 2014
10 healthy resolutions for 2014

10 healthy resolutions for 2014

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday December 31st, 2013

List of resolutions for the New Year 2014

1. Set our goals and objectives …And meet them! 

Making lists like this only works if we fully intend to fulfill them every day, not just during the beginning of the year.

new year resolutions 2014

2. Start with the purposes we left behind 

Lose weight after Christmas, quit smoking, join the gym … those are some of the most common new year resolutions and many of them are maintained year after year. Let us try to cross them off the list in 2014!

how to meet new year resolutions

3. Do some exercise every day 

Whether walking, going to the gym, jogging, playing sports like paddle… and always after playing sports, make appropriate stretches!

running everyday

4. Trying to live more in harmony with the environment 

How? Wearing clothes made of natural fabrics, being careful with the water and energy we consume and eating seasonal organic products.

taking care of the enviroment

5. Eat better (and cook healthier) 

Always remember that “We are what we eat” and we have to be aware of this. Watching what we eat is essential to our health.

cocinar sano
6. Having plants at home 

Did you know that having green plants and care for them is very good for health and also to help you breathe better and it contributes to a better mood?

deco with plants

7. Meditate daily 

Spend a few minutes a day for meditation will help us to know ourselves better and better focus our perspective on life.

meditate everyday
8. Sleep well 

8 hours sleep is essential for good health. In addition, sleep brings multiple benefits for our skin and our body so… go to bed at time!

8 hours sleep

9. Dream a lot

If sleeping is good, dreaming is even better. Dream big makes us grow, not afraid to delude as long as we keep our feet on the ground.

sweet dreams

10. Be happy every day! 

We must always enjoy the good times and the small pleasures of life and learn from the bad moments. Let’s smile a lot and be friendly with the people around us!

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