Benefits Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking, 10 Benefits of the outdoor activity.

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday November 24th, 2014

Nordic Walking. Do you know exactly what it is?

What is Nordic Walking? Where did it originate? Who practices the sport? What are its benefits? Discover Nordic walking and it’s benefits in SHA Magazine.

The Nordic Walking is an outdoors exercise that consists in walking with walking sticks. The origin of the Nordic Walking dates back on the 30’s. Many skiers were using what now is known as Nordic Walking to train during summer and autumn to continue trained while they could not sky.

The benefits of the Nordic Walking are:

1) We use 90% of the muscles of the body. We only use 70% when we walk “normally”.

2) It is specially beneficial (as aerobic exercise) to strengthen legs, hips, thighs, arms and buttocks, the most habitual zones of the feminine problems.

3) We can reduce with efficiency our ICM- index of corporal mass.

4) It produces less pressure in the joints than running.

5) It allows to obtain a better cardiac rhythm and breathing to improve the cardiovascular health.

6) Good results can be obtained with only 3 hours of Nordic Walking a week. Therefore, it is easy to adapt this activity even for the tightest agendas.

7) It is specially beneficial for the adult people who want to improve his health and physical condition, and also for people with overweight, people who want to recover from an injury or amateurs in the practice of sport.

8) It provides an excellent tone of the top part of the body and reinforces the central muscles and legs.

9) It improves the resistance, flexibility and health.

10) It Improves the  general physical condition without feeling completely exhausted.

In SHA WELLNESS CLINIC we organize this activity through out the mornings as part of our Sha Academy Programme. In addition, we have experts with whom to reserve private classes that they allow you to enjoy individual form or in small groups of this spectacular nature reserve with impressive conference to the sea. We hope that after reading this post you encourage and to prove it! Any physical exercise that you can realize will help you to have a healthy life, but it is really important to find one that makes you feel happy.

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