Shamadi Restaurant

Our SHAMADI restaurant has a warm and modern atmosphere, with excellent views out onto the bay of Altea. A space that is intended to be a delight for the senses, where healthy eating becomes first class gourmet food intended to win over the most demanding food connoisseurs.

Moreover, in summer the service is also available on our spectacular terrace and many evenings the delicious dinners are accompanied by live piano or guitar music.

Guests who have chosen a program, will enjoy full board service, based around a SHA Diet with a medical prescription that will help them to attain their health objectives.
Guests who have not chosen a program for their stay, can reserve the full board service at a cost of €140/day.


The healthy food at SHA Wellness Clinic aims at introducing healthy eating habits into the lifestyle of our guests and it is based on local organic products. The SHA diet follows the principles of Macrobiotics, which has helped thousands of people discover a simple and natural way to establish and re-establish health, in such a way that it adapts to the modern way of life and the specific needs of each person, without losing the real essence of haute cuisine.

The products used to create our dishes are chosen very carefully, taking into consideration the seasons, the quality and the combination of ingredients to come up with an energetic, healing, healthy and very tasty experience.