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Método Integrativo SHA

Cognitive And Emotional Health

At SHA we take a multidisciplinary approach to cognitive health in order to reach the full mental and emotional potential of our guests.

Our experts combine the most proven current scientific knowledge with innovations in technology, exercises and activities aimed at developing full cognitive potential.

Desarrollo Cognitivo

We study and work on higher mental functions including key aspects such as relaxation, concentration and overcoming phobias. It is highly recommended for improving and optimising intellectual ability and for preventing Alzheimer’s.
Thanks to this non-invasive training technique, we can identify and access the brain’s responses to certain situations. It works on self-control and is recommended for learning, concentration or memory problems.
This innovative technique applies LED light at different wavelengths to produce therapeutic mitochondrial photomodification. It is a highly useful tool for treating tiredness, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety or traumatic brain injury.
This technique uses Neuropriming to increase brain plasticity and strengthen its connections more quickly. This is particularly useful for recovery after a stroke, brain injury, pain, depression, tinnitus, migraines, addiction and also as a way to boost cognitive function.

Stress Management

Stress Management Session

With the help of our stress management specialist, we identify internal and external factors which are creating stress in your daily life. We then deal with your various symptoms: frustration, loss of control, difficulty relaxing, pessimism and so on.