Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

    The Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells unit at SHA uses the most advanced biotechnology in terms of stem cells, cell growth factors to regenerate tissue in anti-aging,chronic degenerative diseases, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases and those affecting the nervous system.

    • Regenerative Medicine Consultation

      An informative consultation with our expert in regenerative medicine that explains in detail the present and future possibilities of the immune therapy treatments, neural therapy, antilogous plasma and the stem cells.

      At SHA we use the latest pioneering treatment, such as:

      • Intra Articular treatments
      • Systemic Treatment (metabolic illnesses)
      • Immunological treatment with the removal of autoantibodies
      • Treatment of nervous system diseases




        • Immunotherapy consultation

          Advanced diagnostics are performed, starting with a basic analysis of the state of the humeral and cellular immune system; continued by a complete profile of lymphocytes and of senescence, to evaluate the degree of activity or deterioration of the system, as well as the level of aging. Treatments of immunomodulation are prescribed as:

          • Primary immune-deficiencies, acquired (AIDS), or chemotherapy and radiotherapy
          • Secondary disorders from immune-suppressing medications
          • Auto-immunity: lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, etc.
          • Responses to hypersensitivity: allergies, asthma, etc.


        • Neural Therapy (Infiltrations with procaine and medicine)

          It is a bioregulation therapy that can treat irritative foci or interference fields of the body. Via means of micro-doses injections of substances,fundamentally local anesthetics in the irritative foci, it is possible to repair damaged cells and bring back their functionality, improving inflammation and decreasing pain.

        • Autologous Plasma Therapy


          • The use of growth factors that come from the autologous platelet rich plasma (of the patient who is being treated), for subdermal or intra articular use when treating chronic degenerative diseases or due to wear and tear.
          • Anti-aging Treatment (not facial or aesthetic)
          • Intra Articular Treatment (one joint)
          • Extra Articulation

        • Stem Cell Treatment


          The incorporation of adult stem cells and new biological active ingredients that are the precursors of these and they come from the patient. They are intended to enhance their therapeutic effect and now they are part of the new range of 2nd and 3rd generation to revitalize,regenerate and repair the cell function, restore the immune response,to consolidate the new era of preventive and regenerative medicine.

          • Basic Anti-Aging Treatment-one area (face, scalp, etc.) 
          • Basic Orthopedic Treatment (one articulation) 
          • Hip Orthopedic Treatment 
          • Systemic and Immunomodulation Treatment 
          • Auto-Antibodies Removal 
          • Extra Treatment 


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