Physiotherapy Unit

    The SHA physiotherapy team will perform an accurate diagnosis offering a personalised treatment.

    • Foot Biomechanics

       By analysing the way you walk and run, we can detect the suitable needs to create a personalised template that allows greater comfort and prevents diseases of the spine or corrects skeletal system deficiencies.



      • Cryotherapy

         Treatment based on a short term skin’s exposure (around 3minutes) to Nitrogen at a very low temperature (-150 Celsius degrees). Due to this exceptional situation, the brain gets into alertness and promotes the generation of hormones of the happiness at the same time triggers inflammatory, analgesic and stimulating effects and activates the immune system. As a result it decreases the sensations of pain and fatigue and relaxes muscles, while increasing the blood’s flow through the internal organs. Moreover, it is a great tool for weight control programs.


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