Osteopathic medicine makes it possible to improve health using the body manipulation techniques of expert osteopaths. 

    Osteopathy is based on the conviction that all of the body’s systems work in in conjunction, they are linked, and consequently, a disorder in one system can affect the functioning of the others. Therefore, it is considered a holistic practice


    • Consultation and Session

      • The treatment, named osteopathic manipulative treatment, consists of a system of practical techniques aimed at alleviating pain, restoring functions and promoting health and wellbeing.

    • Manuthera Electric Treatment Table

      • The use of manipulations using the Manuthera electric treatment table stands out. This innovative technological tool allows for vertebral and articular manipulation, in a gentle, painless, precise and silent manner, always under professional control. Pulling, flexion, sideways flexion, rotation and gravity help the patient to adopt key therapeutic and anatomical positions, with the aim of carrying out disk pumping that facilitates a reduction of the hernia, increases hydration of the disk and reduces disk swelling, which enables irrigation and nutrition of the nerve root, frees up the vertebral joints, reduces spinal pressure and opens up the intervertebral foramina that the nerve root goes through.

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