Derma Aesthetics

     At SHA, it is possible to delay the signs of ageing, providing a healthy, young and natural glow to your skin and improving not only your phy- sical aspect, but also confidence in yourselves. The Aesthetic Area is composed of internationally renowned experts, speakers at major medical-aesthetic congresses worldwide.

    Our treatments in aesthetic medicine follow the SHA philosophy: minimally invasive and with excellent results, allowing immediate incor- poration to your normal activity. 

    In addition to manual techniques, the SHA Aesthetic Area also uses cutting-edge medical equipment at the highest level to exceed your expectations. 

    • Medical Consultation with a Specialist

      • At the medical consultation with the specialist in aesthetic medicine a comprehensive face and body diagnosis is given based on the experience of the professionals and by using the most innovative diagnosis methods and the latest technology. 

        1.  Facial scanner for a complete analysis of the facial expression and skin, to determine the biological age of the dermis, assess the type of pigmentation and skin flushing, the levels of collagen and elastin, the degree of wrinkling, and to assess the volumes and facial proportions, which is extremely useful to be able to apply aesthetic dermatology techniques.

        2.  Overall skin examination to determine the general condition of the skin, the levels of skin quality, detect areas of localised fat to prescribe the most suitable treatment, and eliminate the localised fat, detect skin flaccidity in arms, legs, tummy and buttocks caused by an increase or decrease in weight and volume, to then take specific steps to correct it.

        3. Varicose vein evaluation using transillumination and a venous ultrasound, where necessary, the peripheral and distal veins are checked to determine the most effective techniques to treat small varicose veins on legs and alleviate the symptoms related to this condition, such as pain, itching, local swelling and cramps.

    • Sclerotherapy Consultation and Session

      The medical staff, who are experts in diagnosing and treating varicose veins, use fine needle injections to enhance the appearance of the spider and varicose veins on legs to alleviate related symptoms such as pain, itching, swelling and cramps.

    • Derma Aesthetic Treatments

      Facial Treatments:

      • Revitalizing mesotherapy facial treatment for the face, hands, neck and cleavage using hyaluronic acid and biomimetic pepti- des, according to the specific case.
      • Facial tightening treatment with Radiese, Thread Lifts or Res- tylane.
      • LipRefresh – Lip rejuvenation.
      • Platelet rich plasma facial.
      • Juvederm – Filling perioral wrinkles and fine lines, both in the temporal region and on the forehead.
      • Expression line treatment with botulinum toxin.

      Facial Treatments using Technology:

      • Medical LEDS: Treatment that consists of the use of anti-inflammatory light in order to rejuvenate skin, treat pigment injuries, acne, sun damage and atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or rosacea. 
      • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This is used to treat broken face capillaries, pigmentation and pho- toepilation.
      • Ultherapy: Treatment using highly focused ultrasound energy to naturally lift and tone the face, neck and cleavage. Only one session of the treatment a year is carried out, which is not invasive and it stimula- tes the production of collagen.
      • Dual Fraxel Laser: Microfraccionated laser treatment to repair skin damaged by the sun.
      • Clear & Brilliant: Treatment that consists in using a microfractionated laser without a recovery period to close pores, improve skin tone and complexion.
      • Thermage: Treatment with medical radiofrequency, for a natural, non-invasive face lift.

      Body Treatments:

      • Four Seasons Bio-Stimulation: Skin revitalisation through an innovative anti-ageing method that makes it possible to obtain immediate revitalising effects at any time of the year, even in the months with greatest sun exposure. 

      • Skin Quality: Treatment for the dermis that moisturises and nourishes the skin in a single session. Results are visible for a year.

      • Body mesotherapy: For lymphatic drainage and to work on localized fat.

      • Radiese: To have a lifting effect on arms, buttocks and tummy.

      • Thread lifts: Thread lifts, to have a lifting effect on arms, buttocks and the tummy.  


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