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Alleviate the long-term effects of COVID-19 through an integrative approach
7 days*
2600 €
7 days*
2600 €


Address and alleviate the long-term effects and symptoms of COVID-19 through an integrative, multidisciplinary approach

Prevent those long-term effects with greater repercussions due to the inadequate functioning of the organism.

Recommended for

Individuals who have already had COVID-19 and are not a source of infection, but continue to experience long-term effects after their initial recovery, showing some of the following symptoms:

Immune deficiencies

Breathing issues

Cognitive impairment

Cognitive impairment

Musculoskeletal issues

Heart disorders

Urological issues

Digestive issues

Skin and/or hair issues



The Post-COVID Programme is based on an initial health assessment by a specialist in internal medicine, followed by a series of specialised diagnostic tests to determine the biological damage or long-term effects caused by COVID-19.

Depending on the type of long-term effects the patient is experiencing, the programme is completed by adding specific treatments to address and alleviate the symptoms associated with each long-term effect, according to the needs and profile of each individual.

Programme Content

Complete your programme by adding the specific pack for each symptom

We have designed a series of complementary packs to be added to the basic programme, which include more specialised treatments, tests and/or consultations, appropriate for each type of long-term effects.

Immune Deficiencies
GAH Intravenous ozone therapy treatment 2
Intravenous laser therapy session 1
Energetic health assessment, with electromagnetic field mapping 1
Energetic health assessment, with electromagnetic field mapping 2
Cryotherapy session 1
Respiratory Problems
Post-COVID-19 pulmonary detox nebulisation session 2
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, as prescribed 2
Musculoskeletal Issues
Human Tecar physiotherapy treatment session 2
Therapeutic reflexology session 1
Watsu 1
Heart Disorders
Cardiology consultation + echocardiography 1
Electrocardiogram 1
Functional assessment with personal trainer 1
Functional assessment with personal trainer 2
Long-term Psychological Effects
Brain photobiomodulation session 3
Private mindfulness session 2
Private yoga session 2
Pranayama breathing technique session 1


Cognitive Impairment
Neurocognitive assessment 1
Transcranial electrical stimulation session 3


Urological Issues
Urological ultrasound 1
Flowmetry + ultrasound 1
Pelvic floor health physiotherapy session 2
Intravenous vitamin C megadose 1
Pressotherapy session 2
Lymphatic drainage massage 2

These packs have been specially designed to complement the Post-COVID programme, depending on the patient’s symptoms or long-term effects. They cannot be contracted without the basic Post-COVID programme, nor can they be combined with another health programme.

If more than 5 packs are added to the Post-COVID programme, due to the total number of treatments/services that may be included, and for proper planning, a stay of more than 7 days is required. Our Reservations agents will propose the most suitable stay for you according to the number of packs selected.


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