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Revitalising Medicine

Revitalising Medicine

The area of Revitalising Medicine combines three procedures whose main objective is the integrity of the human biosystem, seeking feedback from our own system. These treatments are: Ozone Therapy and Serum Theraphy.

Revitalising Medicine

Revitalising Medicine Services

Ozone therapy

An ozone treatment to boost vitality and energy and to provide an intense sensation of well-being, while rejuvenating the body, boosting the immune system and providing numerous health benefits. It consists in applying ozone to the body, either intramuscularly, intravenous or rectally, and has powerful, long-lasting antioxidant, revitalising, regenerating and immune system modulating effects.

Serum Therapy

Intravenous administration of a customised combination of bio-regula- ting substances, vitamins and minerals. A low-toxicity solution, highly recommended to quickly restore biological balance and well-being.

Live Blood Analysis

Live analysis of a droplet of blood through dark- eld microscopy. This technique reveals the internal ora and can detect most cell abnormalities that lead to chronic or degenerative diseases in the future. Allows effective follow-up of the treatments applied.

Intravenous Laser Therapy

An innovative therapeutic method that uses the direct application of intravenous light into the bloodstream. The process results in many positive effects on the body that include: more energy, reduced pain and inflammation, improved mood and sleep, and better regulation of the endocrine system, all of which achieves general optimal performance. In addition, the combination of different wavelengths of light allows the therapy to be adapted to each individual.

Dra. Rosario García
Dr Rosario Garcia is a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and an expert in Biological and Anti-Ageing Medicine, most notably ozone therapy and serum therapy treatments. She is a member of the SHA Wellness Clinic Biological Medicine team and is responsible for ozone therapy and fluid therapy. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Alicante (1983). She is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine (Hospital of Elche, 1996). She is also an expert and has a master’s in Biological and Anti-Ageing Medicine (2008-2010) and a master’s in Advanced Techniques in Aesthetic Medicine from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia, 2012-2013. She worked in the Spanish National Health Service from 1984 to 1994, the year when she began training in her specialisation of Family and Community Practice as an Internal Medical Resident at the Hospital of Elche, finishing it in 1996. Since then she has been working as a doctor in private practices. She is the Medical Director of the Villagolf Medical Centre in Orihuela Costa and of the Vitaelia Clinic in Torrevieja, where she performs her duties as a family doctor, an aesthetics doctor and in anti-ageing medicine. She has been a member of Dr Jose Manuel Felices Lago’s ocular microsurgery surgical team since 1992.
Treatment included in:

Healthy Ageing


  • Optimise health by delaying or reducing the effects of ageing.
  • To determine the indicators of your biological age and compare it to your chronological age, as well as the factors that could have a negative impact on your quality of life.
  • Combine knowledge of natural therapies, Asian medicine, nutrition and the latest advances in medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to enhance your results.
  • Learn new healthy habits that optimise your general state of health and well-being.

Length: 7 days / 14 days

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