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Osteopathic treatments are aimed to improve health through massages given by ex­perts. Osteopathy is based on the belief that all the systems of the body work together, that they are related and, therefore, the disorders in one system can affect how the others work. It is therefore consi­dered to be a type of holistic practice. lt is called osteopathic mani­pulative treatment, and it consists in a system of practica! technique s used to alleviate pain, restare bodily functions and promote health and well-being.


Osteopathy Services

Consultation and Session

Treatment that improves health through massages given by our ex- perts. Osteopathy is based on the belief that all the systems of the body work together, that they are related and, therefore, the disorders in one system can affect how the others work. It is therefore            considered to be a type of holistic practice. It is called osteopathic manipulative treatment, and it consists in a system of practical techniques used to alleviate pain, restore bodily functions and promote health and well-being.

A specialized treatment table is used for osteopathic manipulation therapy, which is designed for the gentle, painless, accurate and silent joint and spinal manipulation and mobilization that is always carried out by a professional.

Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy Session

The craniosacral system surrounds the brain and the spinal cord, which are vital organs in the development of health and well-being. This manual technique, based on using gentle soft touch to palpate the cranium, favours the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and helps detect and correct any possible imbalances or blockages that might be the cause of sensory processing, motor skill or neurological disorders.

Visceral Manipulation Session

Visceral manipulation is based on the concept that all the viscera, just like any other body structure, need to be stimulated to work properly. Manual movements are used to revitalize the organs and how they interact, thus guaranteeing the structural balance of the body.

Antonio Mora
[:en]With 10 years of experience in the world of manual therapy, Antonio Mora is a specialist in structural and visceral osteopathy. He has extensive knowledge and experience in sports pathologies and he also masters the improvement of spinal work with the Manuthera 242 stretcher.[:es]Con 10 años de experiencia en el mundo de la terapia manual, Antonio Mora es especialista en osteopatía estructural y visceral. Posee amplios conocimientos y experiencia en patologías deportivas y además domina el perfeccionamiento del trabajo de columna con la camilla Manuthera 242.[:fr]Fort de 10 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la thérapie manuelle, Antonio Mora est spécialiste en ostéopathie structurelle et viscérale. Il possède de vastes connaissances et une grande expérience en pathologies du sport, en plus de maîtriser le perfectionnement du travail de la colonne vertébrale à l’aide de la table Manuthera 242.[:de]Mit 10 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich der manuellen Therapie ist Antonio Mora ein Spezialist für strukturelle und viszerale Osteopathie. Er verfügt über umfangreiche Kenntnisse und Erfahrung in Sportpathologie und beherrscht die Wirbelsäulentherapie mit Manuthera 242.[:ru]Антонио Мора, имеющий 10-летний опыт работы в области мануальной терапии, является специалистом по структурной и висцеральной остеопатии. Он обладает обширными знаниями и опытом в области спортивных патологий, а также совершенствует работу позвоночника с помощью носилок Manuthera 242.[:ar]
له 01 سنوات خبرة في عالم الع ج اليدوي ويعتبر أنطونيو مورا Antonio Mora متخصصا في ع ج هشاشة العظام الهيكلية والحشوية. لديه معرفة وخبرة واسعة في علم ا مراض الرياضية وهو يتقن أيضا تحسين عمل العمود الفقري باستخدام السرير النقال 242 Manuthera.
[:zh]在操作治療學擁有十年的經歷,Antonio Mora是結構性骨病和內臟性骨病之專家。在運動病理學領域更擁有廣泛的知識和豐富的經驗,他對於camilla Manuthera 242型號之診療椅的掌握更是受首屈一指。[:]
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Achieve optimum physical condition, increase muscle tone and power, as well as improve joint function. Increase the general level of physical activity, acquire knowledge and skills to create personal training habits and maintain physical conditioning once the stay at SHA has come to an end. Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise the general state of health and wellness.

  Length: Minimum 7 days I Recommended 14 days
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Healthy Ageing Men



To enable the individual to achieve an optimum state of health by delaying the signs of aging, so that he not only lives longer, but has greater vitality and a better quality of life. To measure the indicators of biological age and the differences in relation to the patient’s biological age, as well as factors likely to have a negative impact on his quality of life - which may include lifestyle, nutritional, environmental and/or genetic factors.  To combine expertise in natural therapies, oriental medicine, nutrition and the latest medical advances, in respect of both diagnosis and treatment, in order to reduce the effects and symptoms of aging in men. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits to enhance the individual’s general state of health and well-being.

  Length: 7 days  
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Life Reset



To have a complete break in order to start a new life by achieving a significant and substantial change (from the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and nutritional point of view) in order to return to an optimum state of health and general well-being. To undertake a detailed review of all relevant factors affecting the health and which could cause stress imbalances - so as to measure their impact on the individual’s overall health, and to determine the most appropriate measures to achieve physical and emotional well-being. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits with the aim of optimising all physical and mental functions, and improving the quality of life - in addition to equipping the individual with the tools needed to achieve a substantial and lasting improvement.

  Length: 28 days
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