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Nutrition and Natural Therapies

Nutrition and Natural Therapies

The role of natural therapies is to facilitate the self-healing process by providing specifc, physical or bioenergy factors to rebalance energy and help the body to eliminate the accumulation of toxins. The SHA Method combines the effectiveness of a modern nutrition, that observes the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the wise principles of the healthy nutrition with the power of natural therapies, through a dynamic and practical educational programme. All this being personalised to meet your needs and health goals.

Nutrition and Natural Therapies

Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Consultation

It includes a review of the medical history, a personal interview and an assessment of your health. During the session you will be given an oriental diagnosis, a personalized diet and a programme on the lifestyle recommended to achieve the desired objectives. After the consultation, you will be given a personalized dossier with specific dietary  recommendations and suggestions on the lifestyle to follow.

Biological Medicine Consultation

Antihomotoxic and Biological Medicine are natural therapies that value the body as a whole, taking into account all the information obtained from conventional medicine and seeing relationships between organs, tissues and emotions. It is based on stimulating the self-restoring powers of the body to prevent and treat disease, changing our lifestyles, diet etc. so that our defence system returns to its correct functioning.

Personalised Health Plan

Set of recommendations related to natural therapies, diet, supplements and healthy lifestyles.

Nutrition Plan Validation Consultation

Essential consultation for regular guests who want to continue on with a Kushi diet, fasting or medicinal tea, which involves a nutritionist evaluating the patient’s current state of health.

Hydrocolontherapy Session

Smooth and absolutely hygienic cleansing of the large intestine with warm filtered water. Stress, lack of fibre in foods and our unbalanced way of eating, alter the bowel function, promoting a series of illnesses such as headaches, arthritis, flatulence, vitamin deficiency and    osteoporosis.

The overload of toxins in the colon can result in the following  conditions: loss of vitality, tiredness, depression, lack of concentration, aggressiveness, anxiety, low defences, joint pain, skin conditions, migraines, allergies, hypertension, premature ageing and many other illnesses.

Melanie Waxmam
Melanie Waxman is considered to be a pioneer  in natural health and nutrition awareness. She has dedicated the past 36 years to the study and practice of macrobiotics, feng shui, body therapy, and energy of food. Melanie has trained chefs, consultants, and therapists from all over the world in the field of macrobiotic nutrition. In 2009, she was given the Aveline Kushi award for her outstanding, long term leadership in the macrobiotic movement and dedication to world peace. Author of 6 books, Melanie regularly writes for magazines in Europe and Russia. She has worked closely with many well known leaders in the field of health and wellness including Michio and Aveline Kushi, Lima Oshawa, Shizuko Yamamoto, Takashi Yoshikawa and Herman and Cornelia Aihara.  Melanie taught at the Philadelphia Restaurant School and has developed cooking programs throughout the US and UK. Melanie is the mother of 7 children and 2 grand children, and has lived in 4 countries.
Treatment included in:
Weight-Control & Detox

Optimal Weight


To achieve a reduction in weight by means of a healthy, progressive and balanced programme - under strict medical supervision and supported by a team of nutrition experts and a programme of physical exercise. To continue the weight loss campaign on returning home, using the healthy techniques and lifestyle habits acquired at SHA. The aim is to maintain the results achieved, and to avoid any rebound effect.

Length: 7 / 14 / 21 days

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Weight-Control & Detox

Detox – Deep cleansing of the body


Cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents. Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures. Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms.

Length: Minimum 7 days / 14 days /21 days

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Weight-Control & Detox

Intensive | Optimal Weight and Detox


The main aim of this programme, which blends two approaches (weight loss and cleansing), is to kick-start the body’s recovery process, but without allowing this combination to cut corners and obtain more impressive shortterm results. Achieve weight loss in a healthy way while also carrying out a process of cleansing and purifying the body to obtain overall results and an optimum state of health.

Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures. Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms and achieve weight loss that can be maintained over time.

Length: Minimum 7 days | Recommended 14 days

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