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Fitness Method

Thanks to the advice of our fitness personal trainers, conditions that cause pain and discomfort can be treated and you can do exercise to keep yourself fit.


Fitness and electro-stimulation services

Functional assessment

One of our fitness experts will assess your physical, metabolic, anatomic and structural state. After this first consultation, the trainer can prescribe exercises and programs which are best adapted to your needs, including the SHA fitness program.

Sleep assessment

Study that makes it possible to measure sleep patterns, as well as the capacity to rest and disconnect throughout the day. Using advanced technology, disorders are identified along with their possible consequences on health, in order to effectively reduce stress levels and improve the assimilation of daily burdens of work or training.

Lifestyle assessment

Through analysis and complete monitoring, during the diurnal activities hours, of the behaviour parameters that could have an effect on health are detected. Furthermore, the use of metabolic technology makes it possible to link up the results with the calorie consumption, adjust and reorganise the lifestyle and diet of the person, and restructure their habits in order to avoid future alterations.

Vomax control

Assessment that makes it possible to find out and quantify the guest’s physical condition. Through a measurement of the VoMax (parameter that determines the maximum consumption of oxygen that the organism can absorb), our fitness professionals will have information that will enable them to create a more personalised personal training plan, in order to improve the capacity to react and adapt to exercise, thus delaying the onset of fatigue and preventing injuries.


High-tech exercise by neuromuscular electrostimulation, allowing our muscles to work more directly and effectively.

SHA postural re-education

SHA’s Postural Re-education is an assessment method, a diagnosis and a treatment for disorders of the neuro-muscular skeletal system. Its goal is to go from the symptom shown by the patient to the cause of the problem, trying to eradicate the symptoms. The objectives are: to return muscular flexibility, recuperate a correct alignment of structures, eliminate pain and reestablish functions.

Nordic walking

Created with the collaboration of the medical community and sports professionals, this is a simple discipline which brings multiple health benefits. Noticeably improves our physical and psyche states in a controlled and effective manner.


Using a system of controlled movements, we balance the body and mind. Increases your body´s flexibility, strength and endurance. Harmoniously integrates Eastern and Western theories, combining physical exercise with breathing techniques, achieving a great balance between body and mind, strengthening bone density, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

Pilates reformer

This is a series of physical exercises that are carried out with a specialised machine, and designed to strengthen and tone muscles without increasing their size. This discipline makes it possible to sculpt your figure by carrying out a fluent sequence of movements with a small number of repetitions, avoiding impact on joints. Likewise, it makes it possible to increase concentration levels and helps to reduce stress.

Cardio-toning circuit

Scientific literature has long shown that strength-resistance circuits are key to increasing muscle tone and therefore the energetic metabolism. This is something which is necessary for controlling and/or treating metabolic disease.

Muscular activation techniques

Through Muscular Activation, muscles which have inadequate neurological connections are identified and activated, creating the ability for these to stabilize joints and reduce joint stress that leads to joint pain and degenerative conditions of the joints; it is then when the neuro-muscular system and the body become most efficient and painful conditions and wear and tear disappear or are considerably reduced.


A contact sport of Japanese origins that mixes the fighting and combat techniques of boxing with those of some martial arts such as karate and Thai boxing. It is very linked to the ancient art of Muay Thai.

Biomechanics of the foot

By analysing the way a person walks and runs using visual technology, a personalised insole can be created adapted to an individual’s needs to provide more comfort and prevent illnesses resulting from back problems. Even deficiencies or diseases related to the skeletal system can be cured and corrected.

  • Basic Pack: Diagnostic test on a biomechanics treadmill + insole (trainers, dress shoes or flip-flops).
  • Complete Pack: Diagnostic test on a biomechanics treadmill + trainer insole + dress shoe insole + personalized SHA flip-flops (choose colours and models).

Eccentric training with inertia

Fitness session based on eccentric movements, which are those that are created through gravity. Unlike concentric movements, they involve less physical effort and cardiovascular stress, and thus improve muscular resistance. Ideal for people with high blood pressure, those looking to prevent or recover from sports injuries or if you aim to lose weight.

Treatment included in:




Achieve optimum physical condition, increase muscle tone and power, as well as improve joint function. Increase the general level of physical activity, acquire knowledge and skills to create personal training habits and maintain physical conditioning once the stay at SHA has come to an end. Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise the general state of health and wellness.

  Length: Minimum 7 days I Recommended 14 days
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Healthy Ageing Men



To enable the individual to achieve an optimum state of health by delaying the signs of aging, so that he not only lives longer, but has greater vitality and a better quality of life. To measure the indicators of biological age and the differences in relation to the patient’s biological age, as well as factors likely to have a negative impact on his quality of life - which may include lifestyle, nutritional, environmental and/or genetic factors.  To combine expertise in natural therapies, oriental medicine, nutrition and the latest medical advances, in respect of both diagnosis and treatment, in order to reduce the effects and symptoms of aging in men. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits to enhance the individual’s general state of health and well-being.

  Length: 7 days  
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Life Reset



To have a complete break in order to start a new life by achieving a significant and substantial change (from the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and nutritional point of view) in order to return to an optimum state of health and general well-being. To undertake a detailed review of all relevant factors affecting the health and which could cause stress imbalances - so as to measure their impact on the individual’s overall health, and to determine the most appropriate measures to achieve physical and emotional well-being. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits with the aim of optimising all physical and mental functions, and improving the quality of life - in addition to equipping the individual with the tools needed to achieve a substantial and lasting improvement.

  Length: 28 days
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