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SHA Wellness Clinic


1. What is SHA?

SHA is a worldclass pioneering wellbeing clinic, focused on improving and notably lengthening people´s health and wellbeing through the fusion of natural therapies, mainly originated from millenarian eastern wisdom with western techniques.

2. What is the ambiance at SHA?

It is a relaxed atmosphere, beneficial for an inner approach. It is easy to find places  to be on your own or to enjoy the company of others. Habitually having a good climate, it is a pleasure staying in its private suites or shared terraces with magnificent views.

3. What would a week at SHA encompass?

With the many services and treatments listed, there are very interesting daily activities one can take part in. From talks and physical group activities such as yoga, tai chi, chi kung, strolls, dancing, cooking lessons, town visits, SPA circuits …  Some guests spend months at SHA !


4. Can I visit SHA on my own?

Many people come to SHA on their own. It doesdepends on the attitude and expectations of the individual. In SHA guests can find friendship. SHA´s professionals are devoted to guests and their friendliness and warmth makes our valued guest feel cared for and looked after.


5. Can I bring my pet along?

Always thinking about our  guest´s comfort and well-being, this is not recommended. It can be considered, in the case of small pets which would not disturb others.

6. Are children allowed?

Always thinking about SHA in terms of relaxation and quietness and in order to make our guests achieve their goals we only  permit over 12 years in SHA. For special situations guests must have the clinics authorisation. The adults accompanying the children are then responsible for their behaviour.

7. I am obligated to attend talks, strolls or lessons?

Every guest plans whatever he/she wishes to do and organises their own time at SHA with the help of their Agenda Manager. In any case, Doctors and Therapists will advise you about the way to achieve your goals.


8. Which type of clothing should I wear?

Comfortable and casual clothes, some elegant clothing to wear at night time, especially on Saturdays or for special events. For physical activities wear sports clothing, trainers, swimming costumes, comfortable shoes for the strolls and a sunhat. Please bring appropriate shoes for the Pool area.

9. Do I have to choose a program before I arrive?

Not necessarily, you can arrange a program before coming or in any case, choose the most convenient with the help of SHA’s professionals.

10. What happens if I do not have enough days as required in the program?

Depending on the program, it can be adjusted to the guests booking although of course to achieve the desired results, we advise on completing the program fully.

11. How do I travel to SHA?

You can arrive by land from the motorway A7 also known as E15, which crosses all Europe from the north of the UK to the south of Spain. SHA is just 10 minutes drive from exit65.

By air, the nearest is the airport in Alicante, which deals with hundreds of national and international daily flights, is 60km away from SHA by motorway. At 130km away is the airport of Valencia, also well connected.SHA offers private car services with chauffer, whom will wait at the airport and drive you to SHA. There are taxi services and car rentals in both airports.
By sea, in one of the many marinas of the area or from the docks of Valencia, Denia or Alicante. SHA organises private car services to collect you, if booked. You can also organise helicopter services to pick you up from any Spanish town or from the same airport, straight to SHA´s heliport.

What is my program once I arrive?
You will be welcomed by our public relations staff and  taken to your suite. Depending on the arrival time,  you will have scheduled an appointment with your Agenda Manager, who will inform you of your meetings and arrange your agenda in a convenient way.

12. What is my programme when I arrive?

Unless there are many arrivals at the same time, you will be greeted and welcomed by a member of the public relations team and you’ll be taken to your suite following the check-in. Depending of the arrival time, you will most probably already have a meeting arranged with the agenda planners to discuss your agenda in detail.

13. How is the food? Will I be hungry? Is it a restrictive diet?

In SHA we have focused to create a cuisine that being healthy and healing, could be at the same time delicious and attractive, exalted to the level of the high cuisine. Meeting this challenge has awarded us with the prize of “Best Gastronomic Tendency 2009″ by the prestigious gastronomic institution Millesime.

14. Is the diet vegetarian or vegan?

Vegetarian and Vegan diets exclude all type of meat. Although, SHA´s diet is mainly based on vegetables, it does not exclude for those whom wish or need animal protein to eat fish and/or shellfish which are served regularly. When a diet is designed according to patient´s needs, the consumption of meat is allowed or taken off.

15. Is it SHA´s diet nutritionally complete?

We can confirm that SHA´s diet is well balanced and allows to keep the improvement of health when followed. In few occasions the diet is more restrictive, however once the therapeutic goals are achieved, the diet enlarges becoming very diverse and delicious.

16. What happens if my partner and I do not wish to have a special diet?

At SHA we have paid particular to satisfy the needs of our guests. You will get to enjoy dishes which include a delicious variety of aliments such as shellfish, fish, pasta, rice and excellent desserts. Some alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are also available. The use of red meat, dairy products, sugar and food with additives, are not available according to SHA’s nutritional philosophy..

17. How much weight can I lose in SHA?

Results depend on duration of stay. Usually, after following the alimentation programs, natural therapies, massages and training in SHA, the results become obvious. It is normal to experience weightloss at SHA and more importantly to learn how to eat well all your life, enhancing your health and quality of life. Usually a person loses between 2 to 5 kilos in a week, but following correct eating habits one can carry on losing kilos until the ideal weight is achieved.

18. Is it true that a macrobiotic diet can cure some types of cancer?

Many people have regained their health through a macrobiotic diet. We do not consider this as a cure for cancer. When people follow a specific diet, the bodies natural capacity for healing is stimulated to generate more health and vitality. It is true that in many cases, positive changes of the style of life such as diet, activity and attitude can produce amazing results. It stands out in cases of advanced acute illnesses impossible to cure, the alleviation of ailments and subsequent improvement of quality of life

19. Can I leave SHA younger or prettier?

In respect of beauty, apart from that attained by improving health, one can get excellent results with the aesthetics medical treatments. According to comments made by some people who have experienced  SHA’s aesthetics programs, their friends can’t believe that they have undergone aesthetics surgery!

20. How can SHA benefit me?

There are numerous programs offered – please view them in our programs section .The main principle is to improve health, which is the same for a young and healthy person or for an old person or a person with health problems. Everyone benefits from their staying at SHA. The results are obvious, as stated by hundreds of comments from our guests, explaining was has SHA done for them.

Usually people with chronic problems such as migraines, fibromyalgia, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleeping disorders, stress, addictions, psoriasis, allergies, heart problems, anxiety, depression, arthritis, rheumatism and many others, achieve excellent results.

21. Does SHA practise any specific religion?

There is an ecumenical chapel (multi-denominational) ideal to meditate, to reflect or pray. The philosophical principles of understanding spiritual values, does not belong to any specific religion. People with different religious believes visit us