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Energy Health

Energy Health

The Energy Health unit consists of a system for evaluating and improving health that is based on the use of technologies that interact with the human energy structure. The energy medicine is focused on finding the main cause of imbalances, as well as supporting all of the self-regulation mechanisms in order to treat challenges, whether physical or emotional.

The main points to be analysed are:

  • The person’s overall psycho-physiological state
  • Analysis of the state of the different parts of the body and their links
  • Study of the causes of the imbalances (internal and external factors, physical and emotional)
  • Assessment of suitable treatment. Compensating treatments to minimize side effects.
Energy Health

Energy Therapies

Initial Energy Health Consultation

By means of scientific measurements of the electromagnetic eld, your energy health state is evaluated with emphasis on the causes of the imbalances and proposing therapeutic strategies to optimize them. To this end, we use the latest technology to produce graphs on your current state of health and identify areas that need to be improved.

Treatments and Evaluation Method
  • Healthy Infrared Heating “Relax & Energy”: Treatment designed to calm the nervous system and activate the body’s self-regulating mechanisms. It has a great anti-stress effect, and in turn, it offers optimum energy recharging for cells. It combines 2 strategies: pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and specific Far Infrared therapy (FIR). As a result, the nervous system is balanced, which improves circulation, oxygenation, muscular relaxation, reduces inflammation and improves sleep quality. Following the initial assessment by the specialist, an appropriate number is sessions is recommended -3 to 5- according to the pro le and needs of the patient, in order to obtain better results in less time.
  • Optimal Electric Balance: Treatment designed to strengthen weak points detected in the analysis of the energy status at a physiological level. It combines pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with Bioresonance Therapy. Consequently, we can act with great precision on the most vulnerable aspects of health, and optimise them from an electromagnetic perspective. Following the initial assessment by the specialist, an appropriate number is sessions is recommended -3 to 5- ac- cording to the pro le and needs of the patient.
  • Bioelectric Neuroregulation: Treatment based on electric signals that are applied to specific areas of the skin. It acts on the neural response, stimulating the secretion of key substances for making situations less chronic, and activating self-recovery mechanisms. It is especially useful for back pains, backache, muscle contractures, disk problems, pains in the musculoskeletal system and stiffness, among others, and it provides immediate relief for both acute and chronic processes.
  • Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF): Pulsed electromagnetic eld treatment that makes it possible to improve circulation, oxygenation and relaxation, improving the quality of sleep and energy recharging. By using it for several hours in a row, the effects are enhanced.
Ana María Oliva
[:en]Dr. Oliva did her PhD in Biomedicine; her thesis discussed the effect of electric fields on cells. She studied Industrial Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and her Bachelor’s end-of-degree project focused on optimizing the design of hip prostheses. She also studied a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering at Barcelona University and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.  [:es]La Dra. Oliva realizó un Doctorado en Biomedicina, enfocando su tesis en el efecto de los campos eléctricos sobre las células. Estudió Ingeniería Industrial en la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC), orientando su proyecto final de carrera en la optimización del diseño de una prótesis de cadera. Estudió además un Máster en Ingeniería Biomédica en la Universidad de Barcelona y Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.[:fr]La Dre Oliva est titulaire d'un doctorat en biomédecine, avec une thèse portant sur l'effet des champs électriques sur les cellules. Elle a suivi un cursus en ingénierie industrielle à l'université polytechnique de Catalogne (UPC), et centré son projet final sur l'optimisation de la conception d'une prothèse de hanche. Elle obtient par ailleurs un master en génie biomédical à l’université de Barcelone et à l’université polytechnique de Catalogne.[:de]Frau Doktor Oliva erhielt ihren Doktortitel in Biomedizin für ihre Arbeiten über die Auswirkungen elektromagnetischer Felder auf die Zellstruktur. Sie studierte Industrie-Technik an der Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) und konzentrierte sich bei ihrem Abschlussprojekt auf Methoden zur Verbesserung des Designs von Hüftprothesen. Weiterhin absolvierte sie ein Master-Studium in Biomedizintechnik an der Universidad de Barcelona und an der Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.[:ru]Доктор Олива получила докторскую степень по Биомедицине, защитив диссертацию на тему воздействия электрических полей на клетки человеческого организма. Закончила Каталанский Политехнический Университет (UPC) по специальности промышленное инженерное дело. Ее дипломный проект был посвящен оптимизации дизайна протеза тазобедренного сустава. Она также закончила совместную магистерскую программу  Барселонского университета и Каталанского политехнического университета по биомедицинскому инженерному делу.[:ar]  الدكتورة أوليفا حصلت على درجة الدكتوراه في الطب الحيوي، حيث ركزت في أطروحتها عن تأثير الحقول الكهربائية في الخلايا. درست الهندسة الصناعية في جامعة البوليتكنيك في كاتالونيا، موجهتا مشروعها النهائي الوظيفي في تحقيق الاستفادة المثلى من تصميم مفصل الورك. درست أيضا درجة الماجستير في الهندسة الطبية الحيوية في جامعة برشلونة وجامعة البوليتكنيك في كاتالونيا  [:zh]安娜•奥利瓦拥有生物医学博士学位,发表的论文专注于研究电场对细胞的作用。她曾在加泰罗尼亚理工大学(UPC)学习工业工程,毕业项目是髋关节假体的优化设计。[:]
Treatment included in:
Stress Relief & Corporate

Stress Management



Reduce chronic stress levels accumulated in the body and identify situations contributing to raising them, with the aim of reducing adverse symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and irritability. All this contributes to restoring optimum levels of health and energy. Identify how the body and mind react to stressful situations and learn to manage them more effectively, by acquiring new lifestyle habits and learning how to maintain the balanced state obtained over time.

  Length: 7 days
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Healthy Ageing Men



To enable the individual to achieve an optimum state of health by delaying the signs of aging, so that he not only lives longer, but has greater vitality and a better quality of life. To measure the indicators of biological age and the differences in relation to the patient’s biological age, as well as factors likely to have a negative impact on his quality of life - which may include lifestyle, nutritional, environmental and/or genetic factors.  To combine expertise in natural therapies, oriental medicine, nutrition and the latest medical advances, in respect of both diagnosis and treatment, in order to reduce the effects and symptoms of aging in men. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits to enhance the individual’s general state of health and well-being.

  Length: 7 days  
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To teach new lifestyle habits with the aim of improving general health, and to continue the learning process after the individual returns home - thanks to the knowledge and healthy lifestyle habits acquired at SHA. To achieve a state of perfect relaxation and disconnection in an ideal setting.

  Length: 7 days
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