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Deep cleansing of the body



Purify the body of toxins accumulated in the liver and digestive system due to bad eating habits and external pollutants.

Find the level of oxidative stress in the body in order to take measures to counteract it.

Learn new healthy eating habits to optimise natural detoxification.

Recommended for

People with inappropriate habits such as excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, tobacco, medicines or poor diet, among others.

People subjected to high levels of stress or pollution.

People with reduced physiological detoxification capacity.


Under the supervision and advice of our team of professionals,
we detoxify the body through:

A food plan and personalised health plan.

Natural therapies, medical treatments and adequate supplementation, all focused on the elimination of toxins and the reinforcement of natural purification mechanisms.

Lifestyle recommendations, with activities that enable learning new healthy habits.

Programme Content

  • General health examination
  • Initial laboratory test
  • Ending laboratory test
  • Oxytest, oxidative stress test to determine the level of oxidation in the body
  • Metabolic testing
  • General medical consultation at the beginning and at the end of the programme
  • Consultation with an expert in anti-ageing and genetic medicine
  • Lung detox nebulization session
  • Intravenous liver detox session
  • Revitalising medicine consultation
  • Rectal ozone therapy session
  • Derma-aesthetic consultation, featuring the most advanced technology for non-invasive diagnosis
  • Dietary supplement SHA Detox
  • Consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapies
  • Nutrition plan adapted to your needs
  • Natural therapeutic drinks, based on prescription
  • Nutritional follow-up consultation during your stay
  • Personalized health plan
  • Healthy group cooking class at The Chef’s Studio
  • Complimentary recipe book “The SHA Recipes to Live Longer and Better” or tea box from our SHA Tea Collection
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation and treatment based on prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or electromagnetic heat lamp
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment session, based on prescription
  • Colon hydrotherapy session
  • Initial and final energy health assessment with bioenergetic mapping and evaluation Infrared heat and electromagnetic balance session
  • Ostheopathy session
  • SHA Detox massage
  • Hydroenergetic cure detox, consisting in hydroaromatherapy, fitomudtherapy and hidrojet
  • Pressotherapy session
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Electro lymphatic drainage
  • SHA Thalasso body contour
  • Detox premium facial treatment –
  • Corporal drainage SHA
  • Detox Indiba
  • Icoone body Access to the Hydrotherapy Circuit, based on prescription (sauna, Roman baths, Turkish baths, cold plunge pool, hydrotherapy pool, lap lane, foot baths, bithermal showers, ice fountain, therapeutic water jets)
  • Pranayama breathing techniques to improve the oxygenation of the organs involved in the depurative process
  • Complimentary access to group activities: talks, holistic classes, training, walks and healthy cooking classes, among others