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7-14-21 days

3.600 €
Detox Programme



To cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents.

Determine the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with the objective of taking corrective measures.

Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms

Recommended for

Individuals with inappropriate habits, such as excessive consumption of coffee, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, medication and/or poor food habits, as well as other factors

Individuals suffering from high stress levels

Individuals who live or work in environments with high levels of pollution


With the guidance and advice from our team of professionals, the aim is to detoxify the body with the following:

Cleansing nutrition plan adapted to individual needs and a personally tailored health plan

Natural therapies, medical treatments and adequate supplements, all focused on eliminating toxins

Recommendations and activities to encourage guests to learn new habits for a healthier lifestyle