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Cognitive and Emotional Health Development

Cognitive and Emotional Health Development

It is a unit with a multi-disciplinary approach to the cognitive therapy that is run under the supervision of Professor Bruno Ribeiro in which the most up-to-date corroborated scientific knowledge is used and combined with the potential of the latest technology, to evaluate the individual’s mental status and also carry out a series of exercises and activities aimed at developing all the potential stored in their mind with special focus on treating Alzheimer’s

The Cognitive Empowerment unit aims to assess the cognitive and psychological capacities of the patient, allowing them to maximize their cognitive abilities, enhancing their strengths. With cognitive therapy, the patient not only improves his current situation, but also provides a series of tools and exercises to boost his mental state from home. It is aimed at people with MCI (Mild cognitive impairment) or small memory loss, people in normal health who wish to enhance their cognitive ability by studying their higher functions, people who want to reduce or reduce the possibility of developing neurodegenerative mental illness Or those who seek to improve their cognitive reserve.

In short, through cognitive therapies the person not only improves his current situation but also gives him a series of tools (life learnings) to be able to boost his mental state at home.

Cognitive and Emotional Health Development

Cognitive and Emotional Health Treatments

Cognitive Development

Consultation for Neurocognitive Assessment: An assessment of superior functions that includes training in core aspects like relaxation, concentration and overcoming phobias, using highly innovative software and technological devices.

Neurofeedback Session: Non-invasive training technique for identifying and accessing the brain’s response in specific situations, to learn to adjust those functions, improving self-control and helping to achieve an optimal state of mind.

Brain Photobiomodulation: An innovative system based on LED light of different wave lengths that produces what is known as photomodication of mitochondrial proteins with therapeutic effects. This consists of near infrared stimulation of the brain, which triggers cell repair, boosts energy, significantly improves general performance, and lifts the mood, allowing patients to consume fewer medicines. Recommended in cases of tiredness, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and traumatic brain injury.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: A technique that uses neuropriming to build more optimised connections between the brain and muscles, introducing hyper-learning or hyperplasticity. This enables modulation of specific areas of the brain through bioelectric pulses, and is highly recommended after strokes and in cases of brain damage, pain, depression, tinnitus, migraine, addictions, and to improve cognitive function.

Emotional Health

Psichology Consultation: Through self-help guidelines and promoting willpower, this personalised psychology consultation teaches patients to better manage negative emotions, and solve problems more assertively, particularly during times of conflict, doubt and depression.

Emotional Coaching: Consultation with one of our experts psychologists who will help you improve your emotional state, enabling you to enjoy a fuller life with the balance we all need. Antistress guidelines, self-help features and strengthening of the will.

Professor Bruno Ribeiro do Couto
Ribeiro is European Doctor in Psychology from the University of Valencia with a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Health Sciences of Porto (Portugal). He is also Master in Clinical Psychology with several postgraduate courses in the field of drug addiction and neuropsychology. Moreover, Ribeiro is professor in the University of Murcia and member of the research group of Psychobiology and Behavioral Neurobiology from the same institution. His research has led to the publication of 16 articles in journals listed in the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information), as well as several book chapters and translation of various manuals. His current research interests focus on the development of new technologies applied to cognitive
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Weight-Control & Detox

Intensive | Optimal Weight and Detox


The main aim of this programme, which blends two approaches (weight loss and cleansing), is to kick-start the body’s recovery process, but without allowing this combination to cut corners and obtain more impressive shortterm results. Achieve weight loss in a healthy way while also carrying out a process of cleansing and purifying the body to obtain overall results and an optimum state of health.

Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures. Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms and achieve weight loss that can be maintained over time.

Length: Minimum 7 days | Recommended 14 days

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