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Health Capilary

Capillary Treatments

The SHA Capillary Health unit has everything needed to analyse the pro le of each guest and determine the procedures to be carried out, which range from vitamins to mesotherapy to strengthen hair, tonics to reduce balding and, even, the latest transplant techniques to recover lost hair and the most advanced techniques of hair transplants.

Health Capilary

Health Capilary Services


A session in which our experts apply Tricoscan technology to carry out a full analysis of your scalp health, and to diagnose the present and future health of your hair.

Medical Capillary Treatments
  • Capillary Reinforcing Mesotherapy:A cocktail of vitamins and medicine is injected into the dermal capillaries; its effectiveness has been proved for androgenic alopecia as it stimulates tissue regeneration and the growth of the hair follicles.
  • Factors of Capillary Growth Therapy: Platelet rich plasma, bioactive proteins and growth factors that stimulate tissue regeneration and the growth of hair follicles, are injected into the dermis of the scalp.
  • INDIBA Scalp Therapy: Radiofrequency treatment helps treat balding, hair loss and weakened hair.
Hair Transplant

Our mechanised manual transplant technique is used to extract hair from the entire donor area for grafting to the receiving area through micro-incisions.

This technique is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). The procedure involves no cuts or sutures in the donor area, and no invasive surgery is required. It is recognized as the most advanced transplant technique in existence, grafting each hair individually, leaving only a tiny lesion that does not require suturing and heals spontaneously with no visible scars.

Grafts are taken from the back and sides of the head, which have hor- monal receptors that are not affected by enzyme hyperactivity. Once grafted to other areas, they do not fall out and continue to grow nor- mally.

Treatment included in:

Healthy Ageing


  • Optimise health by delaying or reducing the effects of ageing.
  • To determine the indicators of your biological age and compare it to your chronological age, as well as the factors that could have a negative impact on your quality of life.
  • Combine knowledge of natural therapies, Asian medicine, nutrition and the latest advances in medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to enhance your results.
  • Learn new healthy habits that optimise your general state of health and well-being.

Length: 7 days / 14 days

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