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Aesthetics and Beauty

At SHA Wellness Clinic we have a long list of luxurious beauty treatments available for women and men.

Beauty Salon

Beauty Treatments

Hairdressing Services


  • Cut & Styling
  • Haircut
  • Pins and Contour
  • SHA Hair Makeover (includes express hydrating treatment)
  • Blow-dry
  • Root Color
  • Christophe Robin Premium Color Ritual
  • Custom Color Techniques (balayages, root beer, babylights)
  • Hair Extensions (requires previous consultation with our hair salon specialist)


  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Cut and Color Bath
  • Beard Trim
  • Truefitt & Hill Premium Experience: Premium service that includes traditional hot towel shave, facial treatment, haircut/shampoo and nail grooming.
Wellness for Hair

SHA Capillary Treatment: Refreshing scalp exfoliation, mask to repair and hydrate and a therapeutic lotion that favors the appearance of new hair.

Olaplex: This system permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that break during chemical processes. If you’ve overbleached your hair or had it highlighted for years, Olaplex rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of your hair. It’s a reset button for your locks.

Tailored Rituals Christophe Robin: Nurture, restore and reveal your hair’s natural beauty with exclusive, avant-garde Christophe Robin formulas. Choose from a wide list of product ranges for coloured hair, based on the properties of rare and ancient natural resources:

  • Extreme Hydration
  • Maximum Volume
  • Color Varnish
  • Purifying Detox
Tanino Therapy
  • Organic Hair Straightening*: High-precision natural hair straightening for all kinds of hair with no formaldehyde or derivatives for natural results and looks with an extra dose of shine, hydration and strengthening.
  • Tanino Therapy Reconstruction: This treatment restores the amino acids and keratin in your hair to build up its resistance, reduce its volume and improve its natural shine. Recommended for fragile, sensitive and damaged hair.
  • Curl Restoration Treatment:  This method restores the natural curls in your hair, restructuring, redefining and giving body to your hair’s capillary fibres. It detoxifies and hydrates, giving you shine and glow.
  • Blonde Repair System: Balances the natural pH of your hair, preventing and stopping fractures, split ends and excessive elasticity due to alkalinity. Neutralises undesired colours and offers an anti-yellowing effect, leaving only a healthy and protected blonde. Recommended for hair that has been exposed to chemical processes such as highlighting or bleaching.

*Requires prior consultation with a specialist

Manicure & Pedicure Services
  • Pedicure SHA 360o: Well-being for the feet at its very best. This pedicure is the ultimate indulgence, featuring an aromatic and therapeutic foot soak, reshaping of the nails and cuticles, detailed bu ng for a healthy shine, a salt exfoliation for glowing skin, callus removal, and a cooling mask treatment, as well as a pressotherapy session focusing exclusively on your feet and calves. Well-being for the feet at its best.
  • Complete Manicure 
  • Complete Pedicure 
  • Pedicure for Men 
  • Shellac Manicure
  • Shellac Pedicure

Shellac semi-permanent nail polish should only be removed by an expert technician to protect the nails from damage. Please make an appointment for manicure and pedicure services.

Trendy Enhancements

.Eyebrow Microblading**: Ideal for people who would like thicker, natural-looking eyebrows. This precise, personalized technique allows you to modify the thickness and color of your eyebrows, with a very natural appearance. Please note that it requires an allergy test beforehand (24-48 hours in advance).

.Micropigmentation**: This application of semi-permanent makeup helps achieve the following results:

-Eyebrows: This treatment redefines and refines the shape of eyebrows for a natural effect and a rejuvenated appearance.

-Eyes: It can create a more expressive gaze, black application or a blended effect.

-Lips: It can correct imperfections and asymmetry, or add plumpness.

**Depending on availability

Treatment included in:
Weight-Control & Detox

Weight Loss



To achieve a reduction in weight by means of a healthy, progressive and balanced programme - under strict medical supervision and supported by a team of nutrition experts and a programme of physical exercise. To continue the weight loss campaign on returning home, using the healthy techniques and lifestyle habits acquired at SHA. The aim is to maintain the results achieved, and to avoid any rebound effect.

  Length: 7 days minimum I 14 days recommended
See programme

Healthy Ageing Men



To enable the individual to achieve an optimum state of health by delaying the signs of aging, so that he not only lives longer, but has greater vitality and a better quality of life. To measure the indicators of biological age and the differences in relation to the patient’s biological age, as well as factors likely to have a negative impact on his quality of life - which may include lifestyle, nutritional, environmental and/or genetic factors.  To combine expertise in natural therapies, oriental medicine, nutrition and the latest medical advances, in respect of both diagnosis and treatment, in order to reduce the effects and symptoms of aging in men. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits to enhance the individual’s general state of health and well-being.

  Length: 7 days
See programme

Life Reset



To have a complete break in order to start a new life by achieving a significant and substantial change (from the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and nutritional point of view) in order to return to an optimum state of health and general well-being. To undertake a detailed review of all relevant factors affecting the health and which could cause stress imbalances - so as to measure their impact on the individual’s overall health, and to determine the most appropriate measures to achieve physical and emotional well-being. To teach new, healthy lifestyle habits with the aim of optimising all physical and mental functions, and improving the quality of life - in addition to equipping the individual with the tools needed to achieve a substantial and lasting improvement.

  Length: 28 days
See programme